1. Hadronyche sp.

    Hadronyche sp.

    One of a few nice finds while walking with the boys in an area known for H. versuta, H. cerberea, and H. nimoola.
  2. H.Cerberea


    The one thing I prefer about Cerberea over Formidabilis is how photogenic they are in comparison. In this picture, she has just missed a cricket in the corner and is sulking over her loss
  3. Last of a locale

    Last of a locale

    The habitat I got this H. levittgreggae sling from has gone up in flames as of today. I tried to rescue as much from the jobsite as I could in the preceding weeks, but only captured this and one other Arbanitis sp.
  4. Hadronyche infensa

    Hadronyche infensa

    H. infensa looking, not feeling, blue fresh from a molt.
  5. H. macquariensis

    H. macquariensis

    New arrival today, Hadronyche macquariensis, the Port Macquarie funnel-web. Found throughout the northern NSW coast from Forster to Coffs Harbour. This little cute one currently has about an 11 to 12mm body length. Unfortunately, the fellow I bought it from had only one available.
  6. Hadronyche Cerberea

    Hadronyche Cerberea

    Had to rehouse my Southern Tree yet AGAIN due to an outbreak of a quite potent mold, strong enough to rot even dry spagnum moss
  7. H.Formidabilis entry

    H.Formidabilis entry

    A good example of a typical Atracid burrow
  8. Hadronyche versuta

    Hadronyche versuta

    My Blue Mountains funnel-web (H. versuta) in transition between houses. The old one was just too small.
  9. Hadronyche infensa lurking in the shadows

    Hadronyche infensa lurking in the shadows

    Hi guys so if you look closely at the picture, you should be able to see my hadronyche infensa (Scarlet) lurking in the darkness, building her lair.
  10. Hadronyche Levittgreggae

    Hadronyche Levittgreggae

    Sling that recently molted
  11. H.Versuta burrow

    H.Versuta burrow

    Really impressed by how she made this
  12. The queen in her castle

    The queen in her castle

    Blue mountains funnelweb (H.Versuta) posing in front of her recently completed and very impressive web castle. Only a few of my funnelwebs have made such a naturalistic web tunnel like this
  13. The Miss

    The Miss

    Hadronyche Formidabilis, still getting used to feeding with the flashlight on
  14. The Catch

    The Catch

    Hadronyche Valida, adult female
  15. The Pursuit

    The Pursuit

    Hadronyche Versuta on a mission
  16. H.Lamingtonensis


    Cricket has made a terrible decision
  17. H.Infensa


    She peek
  18. Freshly molted Formidabilis

    Freshly molted Formidabilis

    Still small but has easily doubled in size. This is the largest species of Funnelweb
  19. H.Cerberea AF

    H.Cerberea AF

    Unfortunately, while a rehouse was necessary, they don't cope too well with them and it can take up to a week for them to finally decide to settle down. She has made a starter burrow where I predicted and webbed the enclosure perimeter, but not made any triplines yet
  20. Hydronyche Versuta

    Hydronyche Versuta

    Remember this massive girl? She came to me on 11 July and refused food ever since. I rarely see her out of her little tunnel as well so I thought I would just try to feed her tonight and I was not disappointed.