hadronyche valida

  1. The Catch

    The Catch

    Hadronyche Valida, adult female
  2. Wild H.Valida burrow

    Wild H.Valida burrow

    As you can tell, they love rocks
  3. 0.1 Hadronyche Valida

    0.1 Hadronyche Valida

    Showing her love for rocks... and food
  4. H.Valida post molt feeding

    H.Valida post molt feeding

    First time she's eaten since I received her. Absolute performer and loves chasing down anything that enters the container
  5. H.Valida is ready to go!

    H.Valida is ready to go!

    She's heading back up North closer to home to her new owner.
  6. H.Valida false lid entrance

    H.Valida false lid entrance

    She's only got one entry for now but heres a perfect example of the false lids they employ to conceal the burrow
  7. H.Valida in burrow

    H.Valida in burrow

    She peek
  8. H.Valida


    Newly caught juvenile
  9. Fat H.Valida

    Fat H.Valida

    Just received this girl and hoping she's gravid
  10. H.Valida


    Border Ranges funnelweb from Mt Tambourine. Best starter species for funnelweb keepers
  11. H.Valida rehoused

    H.Valida rehoused

    Looks much nicer now
  12. The Princess in her castle

    The Princess in her castle

    One last pic, she can't be called the queen since she's at the bottom of the Hadronyche venom scale but she's no less impressive
  13. Hadronyche Valida Rehoused

    Hadronyche Valida Rehoused

    Happy in her new container. Can't wait to see how she webs since they have awesome strands radiating out from the central tunnel
  14. Hadronyche Valida size

    Hadronyche Valida size

    Think this is a juvenile female, her mood was good enough for me to brave getting a finger close enough for a size comparison photo
  15. My Hadronyche Valida

    My Hadronyche Valida

    Rehousing her today, she has a few mites on her but I have some predatory ones to deal with that. She is in a very good mood today, which is good considering how potent her venom is
  16. Hadronyche Valida threat posture

    Hadronyche Valida threat posture

    Decided to poke her with the tweezers to get this classic pose. Medically significant like all funnelwebs
  17. Hadronyche Valida subadult female

    Hadronyche Valida subadult female

    Hailing from southern Queensland, Australia, these guys like all funnelwebs are quite medically significant. Never handle under any circumstances.