hadronyche infensa

  1. Hadronyche infensa

    Hadronyche infensa

  2. Hadronyche infensa

    Hadronyche infensa

  3. Hadronyche infensa

    Hadronyche infensa

    H. infensa looking, not feeling, blue fresh from a molt.
  4. Hadronyche infensa lurking in the shadows

    Hadronyche infensa lurking in the shadows

    Hi guys so if you look closely at the picture, you should be able to see my hadronyche infensa (Scarlet) lurking in the darkness, building her lair.
  5. H.Infensa


    She peek
  6. Hadronyche Infensa AF

    Hadronyche Infensa AF

    Almost convinced she's melanistic, everything including her joints (which are normally white) is completely black.
  7. new Hadronyche Infensa setup

    new Hadronyche Infensa setup

    Special species gets an extra effort setup
  8. H.Infensa AF

    H.Infensa AF

    I have been trying to readd this species to the collection for quite some time. Now I have a beautiful big female and not a falsely labelled male, I can really observe her and compare how the primary specimen of Infensa group compares to other ones. Currently the second deadliest spider known
  9. new Infensa pair

    new Infensa pair

    The previous images dual posted and corrupted themselves somehow. New potentially breeding pair of Hadronyche Infensa. These have more potent venom than a female Atrax Robustus
  10. These pedipalps are 100% male right?

    These pedipalps are 100% male right?

    They even have the red bulge as well bulb endings to them, but the breeder I bought this H.Infensa off as a female is unconvinced. Whats everyone's thoughts?
  11. MM Hadronyche Infensa - The Black Death

    MM Hadronyche Infensa - The Black Death

    Unfortunately looks like I'm sending this one back to the factory, I ordered a female and as stunning and deadly as he is, I want what I pay for
  12. Suddenly not so scary (H.Infensa MM)

    Suddenly not so scary (H.Infensa MM)

    So my most prized spider, my massive, deadly Infensa "female" that molted and became even more massive finally made its debut into the drumming world last night enough to keep me awake since 11pm. The pedipalps are male but what shows it under the abdomen? I'm not too experienced this way
  13. Another Surprise (H.Infensa) re-upload

    Another Surprise (H.Infensa) re-upload

    Seems like all my hexithelids are beginning to molt with the coming of Summer, my Hadronyche Infensa left this for me today. Completely unexpected and unfortunately a cricket that was inside ate half the legs off the molt
  14. Getting Deadly- Hadronyche Infensa

    Getting Deadly- Hadronyche Infensa

    new VERY big female, the venom of this species is more potent than Atrax Robustus