1. Chilobrachys fimbriatus

    Chilobrachys fimbriatus

    Before and after size comparison
  2. C versicolor

    C versicolor

    Gravid C versicolor webbed herself in.
  3. Arbanitis sp. Ultragold

    Arbanitis sp. Ultragold

    Got this girl from Tamborine a while back and now shes heavily gravid. Of all the many Arbanitis i have seen, this one by far has the strongest gold
  4. Paired P metallica underlight

    Paired P metallica underlight

  5. Paired P metallica

    Paired P metallica

  6. Adorable chub

    Adorable chub

    Gravid M.Bradleyi. Pairing seems to have been successful. If she lays, this should be the first ever successful captive breeding of this elusive species despite their large wild distribution
  7. gravid Phlogius Rubiseta

    gravid Phlogius Rubiseta

    This stubborn girl has kept me in suspense for months. Giving her some deeper substrate as she normally behaves like a terrestrial but has decided to try and dig down a bit, presumably to get more moisture for the sac
  8. 2A0D5303-CA97-4EF1-BC0E-846FF9C57CAB


    Found this beauty at a campsite in Johnson County, Missouri.
  9. Wolf Spider ID [2/2]

    Wolf Spider ID [2/2]

    Here is the same spider taken with an iPhone X. Hopefully it is a cleaner image.
  10. Wolf Spider ID [1/2]

    Wolf Spider ID [1/2]

    I was camping in Johnson county, Missouri and found this spider that I believe to be a tarantula and can't identify exactly what it is.
  11. Please Be Gravid... PLEASE!

    Please Be Gravid... PLEASE!

    Recently paired Avicularia avicularia M6 (metallica) adult female having a bit of a snack.
  12. P. scrofa, gravid

    P. scrofa, gravid

    A very gravid P. scrofa that is
  13. Mitzy working on her second sac.

    Mitzy working on her second sac.

    From Mitzy x Mordecai. Video of pairing is on YouTube. She proceeded to destroy her enclosure, and fill her water bowl with dirt; and began to web a silk bowl and hair the hell out of it. Last sac was stiffler x mitzy and was 661, im excited to see the end result of this sac
  14. T ruricola after mating

    T ruricola after mating

  15. B hamorii preparing to make sac

    B hamorii preparing to make sac

  16. Nicaraguan Beauty

    Nicaraguan Beauty

  17. gravid A. met candled

    gravid A. met candled

    Look at that booty glow!
  18. No eggsac yet... But Fat.

    No eggsac yet... But Fat.

    it's only been a month since I bred Rosa with Sr. Floof. I hope to get a sac soon. She still eats too much, even now she still eats. But this is the normal attitude/feeding response for anything that comes her way.
  19. Brachypelma vagans; 5" DLS; Molt Date 10-6-18; Photo'd 10-11-18

    Brachypelma vagans; 5" DLS; Molt Date 10-6-18; Photo'd 10-11-18

    Mature 5" female working on her first egg sac.
  20. C. huahini

    C. huahini

    Huge Chilobrachys huahini adult gravid female