golden trapdoor spider

  1. Euoplos variabilis

    Euoplos variabilis

  2. The big GT

    The big GT

    Female Golden Trapdoor, Euoplos variabilis
  3. Aww Trapdoor slings

    Aww Trapdoor slings

    I'm losing my mind from cuteness overload here and trying my hardest not to flood the gallery. Golden Trapdoor spiderlings are my weakness - Euoplos Variabilis
  4. Golden Trapdoor slings

    Golden Trapdoor slings

    Awwww My first little explorer, I shall name you Rhino junior. (Euoplos variabilis)
  5. Euoplos sp. sling eyes

    Euoplos sp. sling eyes

    The previous picture of this golden beauty blurred her eyes. Hopefully this is a bit better.
  6. Euoplos sp.

    Euoplos sp.

    First time this little golden one has risen from the substrate in the two months since she arrived as an unknown trapdoor from a private property in Bellthorpe, Qld. Now that she's a little bigger, and I can see her eyes, I can narrow her down to the genus level.
  7. Euoplos variabilis

    Euoplos variabilis

    The big girl, out and wandering about because I had neglected to throw her a bone in the appropriate timeframe. Feeding complete. All is neat. She's tucked away in her burrow, lid closed, to dream her sweet dreams well into the morrow.
  8. Euoplos Variabilis sub-adult male

    Euoplos Variabilis sub-adult male

    Look at this beautiful boi
  9. E.Variabilis feeding

    E.Variabilis feeding

    Have never observed my previous specimen eat, but this one is always keen
  10. E.Variabilis building a lid (GIF)

    E.Variabilis building a lid (GIF)

    some mad spinneret action