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  1. Hungry beast

    Hungry beast

  2. The Miss

    The Miss

    Hadronyche Formidabilis, still getting used to feeding with the flashlight on
  3. Stanwellia sp. feeding #2

    Stanwellia sp. feeding #2

    My second species has also molted and gained some darker colouration
  4. Stanwellia sp. feeding

    Stanwellia sp. feeding

    My first sling has turned from pink and black to red and black after molting
  5. The Catch

    The Catch

    Hadronyche Valida, adult female
  6. The Pursuit

    The Pursuit

    Hadronyche Versuta on a mission
  7. The Pounce

    The Pounce

    Australothele Nambucca female
  8. All Glory to the Hypnotoes

    All Glory to the Hypnotoes

  9. My favourite feeding gif

    My favourite feeding gif

    Namea sp. Tambourine "Black". I haven't had any means of measuring her fangs yet, but 11mm chelicerae behind each fang is certainly aids this spider with double impaling its prey on the first bite. The ferocity and curiosity of this girl makes her way harder to manage than any of my Atracids
  10. Dark Assault

    Dark Assault

    C. minax
  11. feeding a C. minax

    feeding a C. minax

  12. Arbanitis sp.... Wafer lid?

    Arbanitis sp.... Wafer lid?

    A very elusive and unique species among this genus. It is one of only a few that construct lids. but more than that, it hinges them from the bottom like a drawbridge, and constructs a ring of silk around the burrow in place of triplines. Unlike all my others, this little one has webbed everywhere
  13. Search and Destroy

    Search and Destroy

    OBT sling chased down its target with incredible speed
  14. She quicc (GIF)

    She quicc (GIF)

    H.Macqariensis be quicc. She also be slicc
  15. Fabulous feeding GIF

    Fabulous feeding GIF

    1 year in the making. Arbanitis sp., Golden tube spider
  16. Who's there?

    Who's there?

    Golden tube spider, Arbanitis sp. This is the first video I've been able to take of her since she arrived last year
  17. E.Variabilis feeding

    E.Variabilis feeding

    Have never observed my previous specimen eat, but this one is always keen
  18. Arbanitis sp. Tambourine (GIF)

    Arbanitis sp. Tambourine (GIF)

    She chomp
  19. Formidable feeding GIF

    Formidable feeding GIF

    H.Formidabilis being her photogenic self. In broad daylight, she will run to other corner of her enclosure to chase a cricket down
  20. An Elusive Prey

    An Elusive Prey

    yet it couldn't escape from LP's death grasp