1. A. chalcodes, or A. gabeli?

    A. chalcodes, or A. gabeli?

  2. A.hentzi(F)AD_West_TX_1


  3. A. Gabeli

    A. Gabeli

    Only seen here A. Chalcodes and A. Seemani for a while something a little different...
  4. A. Gabeli

    A. Gabeli

    Male or female?
  5. Aphonopelma gabeli sling

    Aphonopelma gabeli sling

    One of the seven I purchased from Triprion last year. They are indeed slow growing but they are growing and they are worth the wait. :)
  6. Aphonopelma gabeli

    Aphonopelma gabeli

    Another great Aphonopelma species from Texas. Previously known as Aphonopelma sp. carlsbad green