funnelweb spider

  1. New H. Verstua

    New H. Verstua

    Here's a new addition to my collection:) As some of you know "Agony" my H. Versuta died a couple of weeks ago. Thanks to a very kind hearted person i have another one now to love :) Haven't come up with a name yet but hopefully i will have her for many years. So greatful to have another one.
  2. Shimmer's settled in nicely

    Shimmer's settled in nicely

    Just happy my A. Robustus has settled in Eating well and obviously nice amounts of web.. couldn't be happier with her :)
  3. Shimmer's new outfit -🕸(A. Robustus)

    Shimmer's new outfit -🕸(A. Robustus)

    Well everyone who guessed She was so HUGE was due to pre-molt was totally right. I woke to her well into the moulting process this morning Very happy... thank you everyone for the advice
  4. Funnel web housing

    Funnel web housing

    I'm thinking of using this for my A. Robustus I get it's not as secure as a click lid but i could cut some perspex and make a hinged lockable lid.... Any thoughts?
  5. Shimmer's temporary home for A. Robustus

    Shimmer's temporary home for A. Robustus

    Well it's nothing fancy and believe me she will have better very soon... Might head to Kmart in next day or 2 for a look & sort something much bigger Will order some cork bark tomorrow also
  6. A. Robustus the Sydney funnel web

    A. Robustus the Sydney funnel web

    Got my new Girl today shes easy just over 7cm leg span Very much going off her head lol I actually expected much smaller as seller said 5cm max....
  7. Versuta Get the **** away from me!

    Versuta Get the **** away from me!

    Cranky H. Versuta few days after i got her.. She got ticked off and killed the cricket and ripped a back leg off and then left it
  8. Hadronyche Cerberea

    Hadronyche Cerberea

    Hello everyone :) Heres my Adult H. Cerberea Leg span is 5.5 - 6cm
  9. Male Hadronyche versuta

    Male Hadronyche versuta

    H. Versuta ( Blue Mountains Funnel Web ) Male
  10. Hadronyche cerberea

    Hadronyche cerberea

    Found my first pair of juvenile Southern Tree Dwelling Funnel-webs today in a tree that contained about a dozen visible webs up to 3 metres above ground (Southern Highlands NSW). Luckily the fires have stayed away.
  11. Wild exuviae Hadronyche cerberea

    Wild exuviae Hadronyche cerberea

    First day of the New year I went down to the Southern Highlands of NSW and checked out a new area. I found my first ever natural evidence of the Southern Tree Funnel-web (Hadronyche cerberea) - a few discarded burrows with some old web and this exuviae about 1.5 metres up a tree. Next time?
  12. Hadronyche versuta

    Hadronyche versuta

    Newly rehoused sub-adult entering her starter burrow for the first time.
  13. Caramel Hadronyche sp.

    Caramel Hadronyche sp.

    After five weeks the Hadronyche sp. (versuta?) is still the colour of caramel sauce.
  14. Hadronyche cerberea

    Hadronyche cerberea

    Southern Tree Dwelling Funnel-web (H. cerberea) awaiting a dwelling upgrade. Time for some above ground elements.
  15. Atrax robustus

    Atrax robustus

    A picture of a beautiful brown juvie Sydney Funnel-web spider (A. robustus) to lift the spirits in these trying times.
  16. Hadronyche versuta EWLs

    Hadronyche versuta EWLs

    Eggs with legs & yes its a Myglamporh
  17. Paraembolides (Hexathelidae)

    Paraembolides (Hexathelidae)

    Adult Female Paraembolides
  18. A. sutherlandi

    A. sutherlandi

    The beautiful dark chocolate girl in the process of being rehoused. Her burrow started within two minutes. I think the abdomen patterning of Atrax sutherlandi makes them, perhaps, the most beautiful atracid.
  19. Hadronyche cerberea

    Hadronyche cerberea

    Reasonably large specimen out and about.
  20. Hadronyche macquariensis

    Hadronyche macquariensis

    H. Maq