funnelweb spider

  1. Male Hadronyche versuta

    Male Hadronyche versuta

    H. Versuta ( Blue Mountains Funnel Web ) Male
  2. Hadronyche cerberea

    Hadronyche cerberea

    Found my first pair of juvenile Southern Tree Dwelling Funnel-webs today in a tree that contained about a dozen visible webs up to 3 metres above ground (Southern Highlands NSW). Luckily the fires have stayed away.
  3. Wild exuviae Hadronyche cerberea

    Wild exuviae Hadronyche cerberea

    First day of the New year I went down to the Southern Highlands of NSW and checked out a new area. I found my first ever natural evidence of the Southern Tree Funnel-web (Hadronyche cerberea) - a few discarded burrows with some old web and this exuviae about 1.5 metres up a tree. Next time?
  4. Hadronyche versuta

    Hadronyche versuta

    Newly rehoused sub-adult entering her starter burrow for the first time.
  5. Caramel Hadronyche sp.

    Caramel Hadronyche sp.

    After five weeks the Hadronyche sp. (versuta?) is still the colour of caramel sauce.
  6. Hadronyche cerberea

    Hadronyche cerberea

    Southern Tree Dwelling Funnel-web (H. cerberea) awaiting a dwelling upgrade. Time for some above ground elements.
  7. Atrax robustus

    Atrax robustus

    A picture of a beautiful brown juvie Sydney Funnel-web spider (A. robustus) to lift the spirits in these trying times.
  8. Hadronyche versuta EWLs

    Hadronyche versuta EWLs

    Eggs with legs & yes its a Myglamporh
  9. Paraembolides (Hexathelidae)

    Paraembolides (Hexathelidae)

    Adult Female Paraembolides
  10. A. sutherlandi

    A. sutherlandi

    The beautiful dark chocolate girl in the process of being rehoused. Her burrow started within two minutes. I think the abdomen patterning of Atrax sutherlandi makes them, perhaps, the most beautiful atracid.
  11. Hadronyche cerberea

    Hadronyche cerberea

    Reasonably large specimen out and about.
  12. Hadronyche macquariensis

    Hadronyche macquariensis

    H. Maq
  13. Hadronyche macquariensis

    Hadronyche macquariensis

    H. Maq
  14. H. versuta sex revisited

    H. versuta sex revisited

    Following "Scratchy's" trip down to Melbourne for a mating expedition. I decided to house the two remaining adult females that I collected at the same time. I held off on the housing because one of the females had molted. She molted into a male of the species. I present "Itchy" the male H. versuta.
  15. Hadronyche versuta

    Hadronyche versuta

    H. Versuta Blue Mountains funnel webs this female was 11+ cm leg span
  16. Paraembolides sp.

    Paraembolides sp.

    I already have one of these girls and a half dozen slings (with a couple to move on). Today is the first day that I ever found one myself. Today I found two. The bigger girl, the one pictured, is looking particularly chunky!
  17. "Scratchy" on his way

    "Scratchy" on his way

    "Scratchy" (H. versuta) being packed for his breeding trip to Melbourne. I am told that he arrived safe and sound today. He will rest a little before his rendezvous with a girl called "Medusa".
  18. Hadronyche versuta new girl new molt

    Hadronyche versuta new girl new molt

    One of the three adult Blue Mountains funnel-webs (H. versuta; 1 male, 2 females) that I collected from the Southern Highlands of NSW during the week has decided to present a molt in her temporary housing. I guess I'll have to wait a little while to place her in something more permanent.
  19. Hadronyche Versuta

    Hadronyche Versuta

    I love this big girl so much. Her first time feeding since I got her in July. Thought her abdomen would start losing its size after so long but nooooope. She took this mealworm down like a champ.
  20. Hadronyche versuta

    Hadronyche versuta

    Adult male H. versuta. Found Southern Highlands NSW.