funnel-web spider

  1. Hadronyche cerberea

    Hadronyche cerberea

    Found my first pair of juvenile Southern Tree Dwelling Funnel-webs today in a tree that contained about a dozen visible webs up to 3 metres above ground (Southern Highlands NSW). Luckily the fires have stayed away.
  2. Wild exuviae Hadronyche cerberea

    Wild exuviae Hadronyche cerberea

    First day of the New year I went down to the Southern Highlands of NSW and checked out a new area. I found my first ever natural evidence of the Southern Tree Funnel-web (Hadronyche cerberea) - a few discarded burrows with some old web and this exuviae about 1.5 metres up a tree. Next time?
  3. Hadronyche versuta

    Hadronyche versuta

    Newly rehoused sub-adult entering her starter burrow for the first time.
  4. Caramel Hadronyche sp.

    Caramel Hadronyche sp.

    After five weeks the Hadronyche sp. (versuta?) is still the colour of caramel sauce.
  5. Hadronyche cerberea

    Hadronyche cerberea

    Southern Tree Dwelling Funnel-web (H. cerberea) awaiting a dwelling upgrade. Time for some above ground elements.
  6. Atrax robustus

    Atrax robustus

    A picture of a beautiful brown juvie Sydney Funnel-web spider (A. robustus) to lift the spirits in these trying times.
  7. A. sutherlandi

    A. sutherlandi

    The beautiful dark chocolate girl in the process of being rehoused. Her burrow started within two minutes. I think the abdomen patterning of Atrax sutherlandi makes them, perhaps, the most beautiful atracid.
  8. Hadronyche cerberea

    Hadronyche cerberea

    Reasonably large specimen out and about.
  9. Hadronyche versuta

    Hadronyche versuta

    Adult male H. versuta. Found Southern Highlands NSW.
  10. Freshly molted Formidabilis

    Freshly molted Formidabilis

    Still small but has easily doubled in size. This is the largest species of Funnelweb
  11. Formidable feeding GIF

    Formidable feeding GIF

    H.Formidabilis being her photogenic self. In broad daylight, she will run to other corner of her enclosure to chase a cricket down
  12. Panic mode (GIF)

    Panic mode (GIF)

    H.Formidabilis is perplexed on how to re-enter her own tunnel
  13. H.Formidabilis


    Just rehoused her into a setup with a nice artificial tree stump. Will update as she builds triplines
  14. Hadronyche Formidabilis

    Hadronyche Formidabilis

    I have waited far too long and gone through way too many failed capture attempts for this species. Now to make an awesome arboreal enclosure
  15. Wild H.Valida burrow

    Wild H.Valida burrow

    As you can tell, they love rocks
  16. Deadliest web in the world

    Deadliest web in the world

    This unassuming mess is home to Hadronyche Formidabilis
  17. H.Versuta


    Had another one turn up today
  18. Wild Hadronyche sp. burrow

    Wild Hadronyche sp. burrow

    We are unsure of this species, I dug one up and it's pretty unassuming apart from its bone dry habitat
  19. MM Paraembolides sp.

    MM Paraembolides sp.

    The little dude finally hooked out
  20. She peek

    She peek

    H.Macquariensis on an excavation mission. Will be time for a rehouse soon