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funnel weaver

  1. Unidentified house spider [2/2]

    Unidentified house spider [2/2]

  2. Unidentified house spider [1/2]

    Unidentified house spider [1/2]

  3. Tegenaria


    Not sure of the exact species (domestica?). I had this one a few months ago before she escaped from her terrarium..
  4. Bolus?


    My daughter caught this guy a few days ago and was wanting to know if that is a food bolus that the spider has made (brown ball under the spider)? She has been giving it small crickets but wasn't sure if he is actually eating them.
  5. Winter spiders

    Winter spiders

    Love finding spiders out and about during winter. Only on the mild Pacific west coast. :) I think it is either a Eratigena atrica or Eratigena duellica. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  6. Anyone know what type of spider?

    Anyone know what type of spider?

    Found in a funnel shaped web. It has an orange stripe running down its back and has reddish pedipalps.
  7. Agelenopsis (2)

    Agelenopsis (2)

    An adult female Agelenopsis sp. eating a mealworm pupa.
  8. Agelenopsis


    An adult female Agelenopsis sp. eating a mealworm pupa.
  9. HELP!


    My grass spider egg sac hatched tonight and I need help! They were not supposed to hatch for another month! They are absolutely minuscule and are smaller than fruit flies. What do I feed them? Ants? Springtails? I am in complete panic mode!
  10. A wonderful life, a peaceful death.

    A wonderful life, a peaceful death.

    This was my female grass spider who just passed away. I rescued her from my school locker room where kids where tearing her legs off. Although missed, she may have left behind a fertile egg sack. After death, there is life.
  11. Agelenopsis pennsylvanica

    Agelenopsis pennsylvanica

  12. Agelenopsis pennsylvanica

    Agelenopsis pennsylvanica

  13. Wolf spider

    Wolf spider

    Any advice? I found this guy at school with 4 legs. Couldn’t leave him.
  14. Tegenaria Parietina

    Tegenaria Parietina

    Cardinal spider Spiderling
  15. Eratigena sp. (UK house spider)

    Eratigena sp. (UK house spider)

    Found this male looking for a date in my front room going to be the first of many now autumn is here lucky for him this is a spider friendly house.
  16. Agelenopsis web

    Agelenopsis web

    Agelenopsis pennsylvanica (funnel weaver/grass spider) enclosure webbing. We found this guy outside our apartment and took him in to take care of. Hes been a great eater, webbed up the entire cage we gave him and doesnt even try to escape, hes very lively especially around dusk.
  17. Agelenopsis aperta

    Agelenopsis aperta

    Agelenopsis aperta (Desert Grass Spider)
  18. Funnel Weaver

    Funnel Weaver

    Found this funnel spider at my mom's place. Missouri
  19. ID Request

    ID Request

    I found this guy hanging out next to my front door, he's usually there in the evening but I'm not sure what kind of spider he is. Any help?
  20. P. spinivulva eating worm

    P. spinivulva eating worm

    It feeds very quickly :D