1. Hadronyche formidabilis

    Hadronyche formidabilis

    Largest growing species in the Atracidae family. Although, this one is only a juvenile.
  2. H.Formidabilis entry

    H.Formidabilis entry

    A good example of a typical Atracid burrow
  3. The Miss

    The Miss

    Hadronyche Formidabilis, still getting used to feeding with the flashlight on
  4. Freshly molted Formidabilis

    Freshly molted Formidabilis

    Still small but has easily doubled in size. This is the largest species of Funnelweb
  5. Formidable feeding GIF

    Formidable feeding GIF

    H.Formidabilis being her photogenic self. In broad daylight, she will run to other corner of her enclosure to chase a cricket down
  6. Panic mode (GIF)

    Panic mode (GIF)

    H.Formidabilis is perplexed on how to re-enter her own tunnel
  7. H.Formidabilis


    Just rehoused her into a setup with a nice artificial tree stump. Will update as she builds triplines
  8. Hadronyche Formidabilis

    Hadronyche Formidabilis

    I have waited far too long and gone through way too many failed capture attempts for this species. Now to make an awesome arboreal enclosure
  9. Deadliest web in the world

    Deadliest web in the world

    This unassuming mess is home to Hadronyche Formidabilis