1. Sold as Avicularia avicularia

    Sold as Avicularia avicularia

    So I was sold this and told it was a A. Avicularia but its colors don't seem right. And depending on the light it looks very very blue. Can anyone confirm this as a sp. Santa Mission Moonlight? Its seems to match all the pics I've seen but not much data is out there for that sp. name?
  2. Crazy Legs (♀ Neoholothele incei 2.5")

    Crazy Legs (♀ Neoholothele incei 2.5")

    She is very skittish, so the only photos I can ever get are through plastic.
  3. Feeding time for my D. diamantinensis

    Feeding time for my D. diamantinensis

    She is hungry and recently molted. One of my favorites.
  4. P murinus RCF Mature Male

    P murinus RCF Mature Male

    My mature male OBT eating a superworm
  5. 0.1 Grammostola iheringi

    0.1 Grammostola iheringi

    Sareena stuffing her face.
  6. Monocentropus balfouri

    Monocentropus balfouri

  7. GBB Fang Action

    GBB Fang Action

    GBB fang action.
  8. Deadly & Camoflouged

    Deadly & Camoflouged

    Phoneutria fera
  9. 0.1 T. stirmi Post Molt Feeding

    0.1 T. stirmi Post Molt Feeding

    Well she's ready to eat and just ate a dubia just fine. Still not sure if mature and is very close or past 8'', but not sure just yet.
  10. T. blondi Sling (At Last)

    T. blondi Sling (At Last)

    I vent sexed this as a male, so basically a suspect male. But a great completion to the Theraphosa genus and is a great eater as well. it took a while to get one at a good price.
  11. T. apophysis Sling Feeding

    T. apophysis Sling Feeding

    I really don't like posting pictures of slings, but they're exceptions when I love a sling a lot that I'll post a picture of them.
  12. 1.0 MM P. ornata Feeding

    1.0 MM P. ornata Feeding

    He's still a great eater and eats dubia roaches very well. I'm still waiting for someone who has a mature female for a future loan for my MM P. ornata.
  13. Giant meal

    Giant meal

    P. Adumbratus they fed on this green bottle fly for about 7 hours.
  14. H Diardi feeding

    H Diardi feeding

    H Diardi subadult female feeding on a bluebottle fly
  15. First Green bottle fly

    First Green bottle fly

    P. Adumbratus having their first green bottle fly
  16. My B. Boehmei

    My B. Boehmei

    Jessabelle having a grasshopper. ^^
  17. Eupalaestrus campestratus

    Eupalaestrus campestratus

  18. Aphonopelma xwalxwal

    Aphonopelma xwalxwal

  19. Worm destroyer

    Worm destroyer

    Sub-adult T. stirmi female at feeding time. (Crunch crunch)
  20. Hungry ....

    Hungry ....

    Yucatan attacked a superworm ..... makes me hungry too