1. Feeling a little blue

    Feeling a little blue

    Unsexed 2.5" P. sazimai, she has become more bold since last molt and she is staying out more. A beauty for sure
  2. Selenotypus Sp Goddess “Hera”

    Selenotypus Sp Goddess “Hera”

    This lady finally dug a nice burrow for herself in the new enclosure which could mean that she’s happy in it. Caught her excavating a couple times as well. The burrow is getting deeper.
  3. X immanis mm enjoying his food

    X immanis mm enjoying his food

  4. Pterinochilus chordatus.

    Pterinochilus chordatus.

  5. 0.1 M. balfouri Feeding

    0.1 M. balfouri Feeding

    No sac yet from her, but she's now a much better and vicious eater these past 2 weeks. But lets wait and see.
  6. Pelinobius muticus Sub-Adult Female

    Pelinobius muticus Sub-Adult Female

    She took food for the first time in a month today
  7. Kukulcania hibernalis snacking while sac-sitting

    Kukulcania hibernalis snacking while sac-sitting

    She made this sac about two weeks ago and has been an amazing mom. She’s been very slim, though, so I offered her a mealworm and she’s casually snacking on it while guarding her sac. Such a good mama ♥️
  8. Noms (Grammostola actaeon 1.5")

    Noms (Grammostola actaeon 1.5")

  9. The Twins

    The Twins

    Spazmatism and Retinazer in their new communal enclosure. Arbanitis sp. Gold
  10. H. maculata

    H. maculata

    Tyra and her special self
  11. Aphonopelma chalcodes

    Aphonopelma chalcodes

    A.chalcodes vs hornworm.
  12. Freshly Molted P.Sazimai

    Freshly Molted P.Sazimai

    I have waited more than a year for this guy/girl to molt. It closed off it's hide and just wandered around the enclosure for months. Finally, i come back from uni and turn my light on and see a bright, blue beautiful T stretched out in the open. Now to wait another year -_-
  13. Grammostola sp. "Wooly Black".

    Grammostola sp. "Wooly Black".

    Hobby Grammostola acteon.
  14. TOO BIG for me !!!

    TOO BIG for me !!!

    GBB sling struggled with a large superworm................GBB still won the fight.
  15. Pterinopelma sazimai.

    Pterinopelma sazimai.

  16. Neon legs

    Neon legs

    Idiommata Sp. Silverback/Electric Blue showing only a fraction of the colours she can flash on her legs
  17. A. avicularia

    A. avicularia

  18. 9” P. ornata 0.1.0, freshly moulted

    9” P. ornata 0.1.0, freshly moulted

    Gorgeous female I’ve had for about 5 years, enormous
  19. Araneus diadematus

    Araneus diadematus

    A cross orbweaver eating something in its web. They come in all sorts of colors.
  20. Yum


    G. pulchra munching on a mealworm.