1. The Catch

    The Catch

    Hadronyche Valida, adult female
  2. The Pounce

    The Pounce

    Australothele Nambucca female
  3. P. regius (adult male)

    P. regius (adult male)

    Someone got some lunch!!
  4. Juicy!


    3" hornworm as a treat today for the Stirmi. She's almost always ready to eat.
  5. Jumping Spider With Prey

    Jumping Spider With Prey

    Juvenile Platycryptus undatus 4-5 mm DLS
  6. Jumping Spider With Prey

    Jumping Spider With Prey

    Juvenile Platycryptus undatus 4-5 mm dls
  7. Jumping Spider With Prey

    Jumping Spider With Prey

    Spider is about 4-5 mm dls. Location Virginia, USA. ID pending, would like to ID the prey as well. Edit: spider is a juvenile Platycryptus undatus
  8. H.Lamingtonensis


    Cricket has made a terrible decision
  9. Brachypelma klaasi.

    Brachypelma klaasi.

  10. My favourite feeding gif

    My favourite feeding gif

    Namea sp. Tambourine "Black". I haven't had any means of measuring her fangs yet, but 11mm chelicerae behind each fang is certainly aids this spider with double impaling its prey on the first bite. The ferocity and curiosity of this girl makes her way harder to manage than any of my Atracids
  11. Grammostola rosea

    Grammostola rosea

    Found perfect place to show off.
  12. Tigrosa helluo

    Tigrosa helluo

    Eating mealworm, almost 2 inches
  13. Thrixopelma cyaneolum

    Thrixopelma cyaneolum

    First post-molt feed.
  14. 0.1 Nhandu chromatus

    0.1 Nhandu chromatus

    Storm stuffing her face.
  15. fuzzy fuzzy ate a cricket

    fuzzy fuzzy ate a cricket

    this is one of 2 that where given to me free in an order from a local breeder. they were barely able to eat half pin heads. now they are big beautiful fluff balls.
  16. Dark Assault

    Dark Assault

    C. minax
  17. feeding a C. minax

    feeding a C. minax

  18. B hamorii

    B hamorii

    (5" DLS male)Chow time!!
  19. 0.1 Megaphobema robustum

    0.1 Megaphobema robustum

    Nom nom nom, Lambda stuffing her face with sole worms
  20. 0.1 Psalmopoeus irminia

    0.1 Psalmopoeus irminia

    Wungiel eating a juicy dubia. I'm taking all the chances to take pics before she raises the her web curtain and disappears from sight completely.