1. Look who's eating?

    Look who's eating?

    My blue fang
  2. A. geniculata crazy takedown

    A. geniculata crazy takedown

    So the cricket was close to the young T in size, I changed my mind and tried to remove it immediately after throwing it in, the cricket jumped and landed in front of the T, Jenny immediately pounced but the cricket was thrashing bad and they ended up upside down. Jenny finally landed a bite!
  3. E.Variabilis feeding

    E.Variabilis feeding

    Have never observed my previous specimen eat, but this one is always keen
  4. Arbanitis sp. Tambourine (GIF)

    Arbanitis sp. Tambourine (GIF)

    She chomp
  5. P. Metallica

    P. Metallica

    She Loves Dubias (Shiny eyes)
  6. My New Monocentropus balfouri (2.5")

    My New Monocentropus balfouri (2.5")

    Enjoying a mealworm before I rehouse it.
  7. 1.0 P. petersi Pen-ultimate Feeding

    1.0 P. petersi Pen-ultimate Feeding

    He's very slick looking, but not mature. I have the high temps on this guy and increased feeding as well, which is the opposite of my female right now. I'm trying to hook him out on time to breed them.
  8. Mystery baboon

    Mystery baboon

    Here is my mystery baboon contemplating if she (unsexed) is going to eat. She has a fat butt so she may mot be interested. One of my favorites even if I don't know what she is.
  9. 50centipede

    Slow motion feeding vids

    I've been posting a lot of feeding clips on Arachnoboards, and thought it would be tidier to keep my future vids(in slow-mo if possible) in one thread. Anyone's welcome to join! :smug:
  10. Formidable feeding GIF

    Formidable feeding GIF

    H.Formidabilis being her photogenic self. In broad daylight, she will run to other corner of her enclosure to chase a cricket down
  11. Avicularia avicularia

    Avicularia avicularia

  12. Pamphobeteus spec. "platyomma"

    Pamphobeteus spec. "platyomma"

    juvenile suspect male. he's so pretty.
  13. Pamphobeteus spec. "platyomma"

    Pamphobeteus spec. "platyomma"

    1,5'' suspect male
  14. An Elusive Prey

    An Elusive Prey

    yet it couldn't escape from LP's death grasp
  15. First post molt feed (GIF)

    First post molt feed (GIF)

    Arbanitis sp. Wooli. One of the few specialised environment species in this genus I have. Body length of 43mm
  16. LP Dancing

    LP Dancing

  17. P. auratus sling feeding

    P. auratus sling feeding

    One of my 2 Phormictopus auratus unsexed slings eating a cricket.
  18. Avicularia metallica sling

    Avicularia metallica sling

    my adorable 1'' spiderling eating the second mealworm of its life
  19. OBT Rulz

    OBT Rulz

    Only a sling yet fierce.
  20. Pterinochilus lapalala

    Pterinochilus lapalala

    P.lapalala...first ever red runner.Didnt know what to do,as its only had crickets,and hornworms. Gave it a threat pose,then the runner moved,and the rest is history.