1. Augacephalus ezendami

    Augacephalus ezendami

    Enjoying a cricket
  2. 0.1 Augacephalus ezendami

    0.1 Augacephalus ezendami

    My latest reptile expo purchase.
  3. 0.1 A.ezendami

    0.1 A.ezendami

    My girl was out and about.
  4. 0.1 A. ezendami #2 Feeding

    0.1 A. ezendami #2 Feeding

    While I wait for my other one to have a sac hopefully. Here's my second one that's freshly molted two weeks ago. First feeding of a dubia and now a mature female as well.
  5. Augacephalus ezendami Sling (1")

    Augacephalus ezendami Sling (1")

    It doubled in size when it molted.
  6. ezendami sling

    ezendami sling

    pre molt
  7. Takedown (Augacephalus ezendami 0.5")

    Takedown (Augacephalus ezendami 0.5")

    My new sling enjoying its first meal in my care (a dubia roach nymph).
  8. My New Augacephalus ezendami Sling (0.5")

    My New Augacephalus ezendami Sling (0.5")

    This is my second Old World tarantula.
  9. A. ezendami Pairing

    A. ezendami Pairing

    @Cold blood Male and my big girl name Queen. He did a great job and it's good to be breeding again.
  10. 0.1 A. ezendami

    0.1 A. ezendami

    Female ~2.5" Augacephalus ezendami or "Mozambique Baboon".
  11. A. ezendami female

    A. ezendami female

    My female A. ezendami.
  12. Augacephalus ezendami

    Augacephalus ezendami

  13. ezendami


    just after a successful pairing
  14. Pterinochilus murinus, DCF?

    Pterinochilus murinus, DCF?

    I picked up this girl yesterday at a pet store. She was listed as a p. Murinus but I noticed she was very brown. The p.murinus DCF has been on my short list for awhile so I’m hopeful! She hasn’t been aggressive or skittish at all. Ignore the container she wasn’t in there long!
  15. A. ezendami

    A. ezendami

  16. A. ezendami

    A. ezendami

    Just got done molting, first time in my care.
  17. Augacephalus ezendami

    Augacephalus ezendami

    Assuming Pterinichilus murinus, true color form. Any objections? Reptile expo with no scientific nor common name! If it is the TCF I feel stoked!
  18. Augacephalus ezendami

    Augacephalus ezendami

    My very shy A. ezendami