1. Augacephalus ezendami [ventral sexing]

    Augacephalus ezendami [ventral sexing]

    Augacephalus ezendami. Has destroyed every molt since I've had it.
  2. Augacephalus ezendami

    Augacephalus ezendami

    Unsexed juvenile
  3. Grubhub (Augacephalus ezendami 2")

    Grubhub (Augacephalus ezendami 2")

  4. Augacephalus breyeri? [1/2]

    Augacephalus breyeri? [1/2]

    Is this a A. Breyeri?
  5. Augacephalus ezendami

    Augacephalus ezendami

    My oldest female named Queen, the oldest T. in my collection. She's getting a little slow but now she's out almost all the time now. I still cannot find another MM for this species. But i'm glad she's out of her own free will in this picture. No baiting her out for this photo.
  6. 0.1 A. ezendami 2.5"

    0.1 A. ezendami 2.5"

  7. Augacephalus ezendami sling

    Augacephalus ezendami sling

    molted last week, maybe an 1"+ dls now, and omg was actually out of its hole and froze for a pic while I opened the lid, and after a few seconds of shots I closed to lid and it commenced to go berserk, thank god I closed lid in time. brachy speed of growth, sigh.
  8. Noms (Augacephalus ezendami 1"+)

    Noms (Augacephalus ezendami 1"+)

    My sling eating a mealworm pupa.
  9. Augacephalus Ezandami

    Augacephalus Ezandami

    I never see this guy out. He actually hung out on the web while eating today.
  10. Augacephalus ezendami sling

    Augacephalus ezendami sling

    @Dman your mystery sling looks similar to this one of mine. had to take pic through enclosure bcuz as soon as Id open lid, it vanishes lol, but yours could easily be a ceratogyrus sling also. @coldblood has breeded this and maybe could verify if yours looks like a ezandami?
  11. Augacephalus ezendami Sling Feeding (1")

    Augacephalus ezendami Sling Feeding (1")

  12. Augacephalus ezendami Sling (1")

    Augacephalus ezendami Sling (1")

  13. A. ezendami juvie

    A. ezendami juvie

  14. A. ezendami Fang Action Feeding

    A. ezendami Fang Action Feeding

    Sadly, no eggsac is coming for my older girl (she molted sadly). But this young girl is almost at maturity and is still eating well.
  15. ezendami


  16. A. ezendami Good Pic

    A. ezendami Good Pic

    One of the better pics. Enjoy
  17. A. ezendami Finally Fed

    A. ezendami Finally Fed

    One of the better positions for photos of my younger one.
  18. A. ezendami Awaiting Feed

    A. ezendami Awaiting Feed

    She's waiting for it.
  19. Rehoused Augacephalus ezendami Sling

    Rehoused Augacephalus ezendami Sling

  20. Angry ezendami

    Angry ezendami