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  1. 0.1 B. emilia

    0.1 B. emilia

    2" female Brachypelma emilia.
  2. B.emilia


    Hey everyone...I rehoused this little sling last night. Unfortunately this is another one of those small slings I didn't label. I believe it to be a B. emilia...Can someone confirm my guessing skills are accurate? Thanks
  3. B.Emilia


    Brachypelma Emilia sling
  4. Veggie Eater (♀ Brachypelma emilia 4.5")

    Veggie Eater (♀ Brachypelma emilia 4.5")

    I put a baby carrot in Petra's enclosure to lure out the dubia roach that was hiding out of reach. After eating the roach, Petra went for the carrot. To my surprise, she spent over two hours feeding on the carrot, and when she was finished, it was less than half its original size.
  5. B. Emilia

    B. Emilia

    Can you help me sex my B. Emilia I would say female but I am nooby at this. Thanks
  6. Brachypelma emilia Juvenile Female - ~4"

    Brachypelma emilia Juvenile Female - ~4"

    She moulted a few weeks ago and is looking fabulous. This species is one of my worst hair kickers of the lot - both this girl and my senior girl.
  7. B.emilia(F)5in_AD_unique_1


  8. B.emilia 3"

    B.emilia 3"

    I guess male but i am not sure. Thanks for helping.
  9. 2" Brachypelma emilia

    2" Brachypelma emilia

    2 inches dls I'm not sure exactly what part of the molt to show haha all help is appreciated brachypelma Emelia
  10. Brachypelma emilia

    Brachypelma emilia

  11. Petra (♀ Brachypelma emilia 4.5")

    Petra (♀ Brachypelma emilia 4.5")

    She's looking gorgeous 2 weeks after molting.
  12. B. emilia Feeding Mealworms

    B. emilia Feeding Mealworms

    She does fine with 3 mealworms, which is good to see.
  13. B. Emilia

    B. Emilia

    Looks like a lady to me
  14. Petra (♀ Brachypelma emilia 4.5")

    Petra (♀ Brachypelma emilia 4.5")

    One more week, and she should be ready to resume feeding.
  15. Brachypelma emilia Exuviae [1/3]

    Brachypelma emilia Exuviae [1/3]

    illustration of which piece to use when sexing by molt
  16. 4.5" Female Brachypelma emilia [molt sexing] [1/2]

    4.5" Female Brachypelma emilia [molt sexing] [1/2]

    illustration of where to look when sexing by molt
  17. Brachypelma emilia [ventral sexing]

    Brachypelma emilia [ventral sexing]

    probably too small to sex but hey why not Mexican red leg brachypelma emalia
  18. Brachypelma emilia Exuviae: Sternum [3/3]

    Brachypelma emilia Exuviae: Sternum [3/3]

  19. Brachypelma emilia Exuviae: Carapace [2/3]

    Brachypelma emilia Exuviae: Carapace [2/3]

  20. Freshly Molted Brachypelma emilia (4.5"+)

    Freshly Molted Brachypelma emilia (4.5"+)