1. Cyriocosmus giganteus Adult Female

    Cyriocosmus giganteus Adult Female

    Freshly moulted and looking very purple... which is a new look for her. I'm not complaining.
  2. Feeding time for my D. diamantinensis

    Feeding time for my D. diamantinensis

    She is hungry and recently molted. One of my favorites.
  3. Showing her colors

    Showing her colors

    My little C. elegans looking good. She molted about a week ago and had her first post molt meal yesterday.
  4. Cyriocosmus ritae Sub-Adult Male

    Cyriocosmus ritae Sub-Adult Male

    Great, perfect spot for a speedy dwarf to make themselves comfortable - directly under the lid.
  5. Cyriocosmus ritae Sub-Adult Female - ~2"

    Cyriocosmus ritae Sub-Adult Female - ~2"

    Had to be quick with this photo, as I have just rehoused this girl into her adult enclosure and she was very nervous. You don't want this species bolting on you.
  6. First meal after molt

    First meal after molt

    My D. diamantinensis just molted last week. First meal after her molt is a nice, soft and juicy caterpillar.
  7. Spunky one

    Spunky one

    My very small sp. colombia lrg. So much fun and spunky. Always look great from sling to adult.
  8. Little guy

    Little guy

    sp. panama sling. Just molted last week. Can't wait for it to grow and get it's colors.
  9. Feeding time

    Feeding time

    Fun T to have. She is often out and looking great!
  10. ArthroUber


    Caught this little springtail hitching a ride on my Dwarf White Isopod.
  11. Cyriocosmus giganteus Sub-Adult Female - ~3"

    Cyriocosmus giganteus Sub-Adult Female - ~3"

    I am rarely able to get a decent photo of her - she is extremely nervous and runs into her hide the moment that I disturb her enclosure. I was filling her water dish and she started attacking the stream, so I was able to snap a couple of photos of her.
  12. So small so awesome

    So small so awesome

    My C. elegans is small but surprisingly big attitude. I rehoused today and she gave me the cutest threat pose.
  13. Cyriocosmus ritae sub-adult male.

    Cyriocosmus ritae sub-adult male.

  14. C. Leetzi

    C. Leetzi

    Hooked out on me.
  15. N. incei ventral shot

    N. incei ventral shot

    Roughly 2+ inches and has been in my care at 1/2 inch since Oct 2017. It does not have the appearance of having bulbous pedipalps so if its a male, im assuming its next molt should be its ultimate at this size?
  16. Cyriocosmus giganteus Sub-Adult Female ~2.5"

    Cyriocosmus giganteus Sub-Adult Female ~2.5"

    I am so in love with this girl - she is just stunning. And look at the cheek of her with her abdomen in the air! She cost me a fortune and I have zero regrets. Thankfully, she turned out female.
  17. Cyriocosmus ritae Female - 1.25"

    Cyriocosmus ritae Female - 1.25"

    It only took six individuals for me to finally get one female.
  18. Ami sp. Panama Adult Female

    Ami sp. Panama Adult Female

    Very underrated genus - although I think that all the dwarf species are underrated.
  19. Cyriocosmus leetzi

    Cyriocosmus leetzi

    Love my dwarves.
  20. Cyriocosmus giganteus Sub-Adult Female - 2.25"

    Cyriocosmus giganteus Sub-Adult Female - 2.25"

    What a relief that she is female.