davus pentalore

  1. Davus Pentaloris

    Davus Pentaloris

    This beauty, a bit crazy though.
  2. D fasciatus or pentaloris ?

    D fasciatus or pentaloris ?

    Sold as fasciatus. Is there actually a difference or is it just a case of name change? They do look the same. Can anyone confirm which this guy is?
  3. Bumblebutt (♀ Davus pentaloris 2.75")

    Bumblebutt (♀ Davus pentaloris 2.75")

  4. Davus Pentaloris Juv

    Davus Pentaloris Juv

    My juvenile Davus Pentaloris eating outside his hide for a change, he's such a beast when eating, taking on crickets almost his size. Feeding him smaller ones now as he never finishes them xD
  5. Davus Pentaloris

    Davus Pentaloris

    It finally molted but sadly the abdomen was so shriveled up and I accidentally tore it up. I think it may be a male but wanted to make sure with you guys.
  6. Davus pentaloris

    Davus pentaloris

    Davus pentaloris, sub-adult female
  7. Davus pentaloris

    Davus pentaloris

    Mature 4” Female
  8. Dave says HI

    Dave says HI

    Little Dave here only normally does this when he's hungry (fed yesterday) so today he just wanted to say Hi! Davus Pentaloris small juvenile x
  9. Fresh From Moult

    Fresh From Moult

    Davus Pentaloris juvenile freshly moulted, his colours are stunning right now x
  10. D.Pentaloris Juvenile

    D.Pentaloris Juvenile

    Davus Pentaloris juvenile, picture taken 3 days after getting him/her (nicknamed Dave), great eater but boy does he like to flick :')
  11. Davus pentaloris

    Davus pentaloris

  12. Store Donation (Davus pentaloris)

    Store Donation (Davus pentaloris)

    Please id, we just got it in at the shop i work at as a donation
  13. Davus pentaloris

    Davus pentaloris

    Hi guys what do you think any opinion female Or male is about 2 inches leg to leg
  14. 1.5" Female Davus pentaloris [molt sexing]

    1.5" Female Davus pentaloris [molt sexing]

  15. Molting (♀ Davus pentaloris 1.5")

    Molting (♀ Davus pentaloris 1.5")

  16. Davus pentaloris

    Davus pentaloris

    Female as big as football field? :D P.S. Ignore the needles.
  17. Davus pentaloris

    Davus pentaloris

    So I acquired what I have Labeled as Cycosternum Fasciatum not to long ago and everything I look up on them I get a mix of Cycosternum Fasciatum and Davus fasciatus as the Sp. What is the acceptable terminology on these guys?
  18. Cyclosternum fasciatum or Davus not sure...

    Cyclosternum fasciatum or Davus not sure...

    New baby :D
  19. Davus pentaloris Enclosure

    Davus pentaloris Enclosure

    small Exo Terra Breeding Box (8" x 8" x 5.5")
  20. 0.1 D. pentaloris

    0.1 D. pentaloris

    Molt 2.5” - now 3” relaxed.