davus pentalore

  1. Fat Tiger Rump

    Fat Tiger Rump

    Going into premolt soon. Very big rump but still fast moving
  2. Beautiful sexy butt .....

    Beautiful sexy butt .....

  3. Tiger Rump

    Tiger Rump

    Tiger Rump sling attacked a larger size cricket. Really a fearless beauty.
  4. Davus pentaloris molt?

    Davus pentaloris molt?

    Help is this a molt the strands are cocofiber
  5. Davus pentaloris

    Davus pentaloris

    Help this Davus Pentaloris has been inside a closed burrow for 2.5 months
  6. Davus pentaloris sling

    Davus pentaloris sling

    Tiny sling attacked a much larger cricket. This is so cool ....
  7. Davus pentaloris

    Davus pentaloris

    Caught in the mouth of the Tiger ......
  8. Davus pentaloris or Cyclosternum fasciatus?

    Davus pentaloris or Cyclosternum fasciatus?

    Is that Davus pentaloris or Cyclosternum fasciatus?
  9. Tiger Rump sling

    Tiger Rump sling

    My Tiger Rump sling came out of burrow after moulting.
  10. Davus pentaloris

    Davus pentaloris

  11. 1/2 D.pentaloris

    1/2 D.pentaloris

    My first ever T
  12. BumbleBUTT (♀ Davus pentaloris 3")

    BumbleBUTT (♀ Davus pentaloris 3")

    I guess raising her butt in the air is her idea of a threat pose?
  13. Davus Pentaloris

    Davus Pentaloris

    Just uncovered this fella to remove his moult from a week ago, I think Dave might indeed be a Dave, will wait for him to get bigger to confirm better. This guys probably my second or third favourite tho, stunning! Xx Davus Pentaloris / Guatemalan Tiger Rump
  14. Davus Pantaloris

    Davus Pantaloris

    Male or female?
  15. Davus Pentaloris 1". (Microscope shot)

    Davus Pentaloris 1". (Microscope shot)

    Any ideas? I see 2 bulbs and a flap that can be moved when wet. Posting more pictures in the comments down below. thanks for the advice!!
  16. Davus pentaloris

    Davus pentaloris

    I think she is a female, can any expert confirm?
  17. Bumblebutt (♀ Davus pentaloris 3")

    Bumblebutt (♀ Davus pentaloris 3")

  18. Davus pentaloris [molt sexing]

    Davus pentaloris [molt sexing]

    D.Pentalore sex ?
  19. Davus Pentaloris 6cm

    Davus Pentaloris 6cm

    Focus is a bit off but best I could get with him moving around Dave my absolutely beautiful Davus Pentaloris / Guatemalan Tiger Rump, still unsexed but now around 6cm, that copper red is absolutely beautiful xx
  20. Davus Pentaloris (cm sling)

    Davus Pentaloris (cm sling)

    i bought a digital microscope online and i'm trying to gender sling molts. Is it possible to see at this size?