davus pentalore

  1. D. fasciatus f

    D. fasciatus f

  2. Bumblebutt (♀ Davus pentaloris 3")

    Bumblebutt (♀ Davus pentaloris 3")

  3. D Pentaloris

    D Pentaloris

    Managed to get clearer pic. Cant see any spermathecae. Thoughts anyone?
  4. M/F


    Any thoughts on the sex? Davus Pentaloris about 1.5 inch DLS
  5. Davus pentaloris

    Davus pentaloris

  6. Davus pentaloris

    Davus pentaloris

  7. Davus pentaloris

    Davus pentaloris

  8. Davus pentaloris Adult Female - 4"

    Davus pentaloris Adult Female - 4"

    Gorgeous girl stayed put while I took some photos of her last night. That's very unusual of her.
  9. D. Pentaloris

    D. Pentaloris

    One of my favorites
  10. Davus pentaloris

    Davus pentaloris

    Adult female Davus pentaloris nicknamed Lily.
  11. Davus Pentaloris

    Davus Pentaloris

    Sorry I imaged the wrong part earlier. What do I have here? Really inexperienced in sexing tarantulas. Thanks in advance.
  12. Davus Pentaloris

    Davus Pentaloris

    Still only a 4cm legspan so difficult to see, and focus with my phone. I think male but the microscope image seems to show a flap. What do you think?
  13. Balding Rump

    Balding Rump

    Not a new species. Just a balding rump in premolt.
  14. Davus pentaloris

    Davus pentaloris

    After initally disapperaing for a month, now she is one the most visable T's I have. I see her out every two days at least, and she never runs from movement or vibration. The tiger stripes clearly make her brave.
  15. Davus Pentaloris sexing help?

    Davus Pentaloris sexing help?

    I think I may see a flap, but I'm really not sure. Might be wishful thinking on my part. I really want to call him/her Morticia.
  16. Davus pentaloris

    Davus pentaloris

    0.1 Davus pentaloris
  17. Can't wait to see these guys grow

    Can't wait to see these guys grow

    Got two of the tiniest out of 8 of them. D. Pentaloris
  18. D. Pentaloris juvenile

    D. Pentaloris juvenile

    The underside of my new juvenile Davus Pentaloris.
  19. D. pentaloris

    D. pentaloris

    D. pentaloris out and about. A rare sight, since I only see her about once every few weeks.
  20. C Pentalore

    C Pentalore

    this was the abdomen before molting