cyriopagopus minax

  1. 5.75”-6.25” Female Cyriopagopus minax (Thailand Black Tarantula)

    5.75”-6.25” Female Cyriopagopus minax (Thailand Black Tarantula)

  2. C.minax.


  3. C. minax cricket hunt

    C. minax cricket hunt

  4. Dark Assault

    Dark Assault

    C. minax
  5. feeding a C. minax

    feeding a C. minax

  6. Devil's Due

    Devil's Due

    Another soul has been claimed
  7. Peek a boo

    Peek a boo

  8. (GIF) Sneaky Killer

    (GIF) Sneaky Killer

    C. minax gets the drop on a prey
  9. Welcome Home (C. minax)

    Welcome Home (C. minax)

    Rehoused to a new home. She's not to bad to deal with besides her human-like strength.
  10. Breaking the shroud

    Breaking the shroud

    Cyriopagopus minax
  11. Expanding the burrow

    Expanding the burrow

    My C. minax is busy digging substrate these days. Possibly pre moult.
  12. Doomed Cricket

    Doomed Cricket

    A poor cricket just before being snatched by C. minax
  13. Feeding time!

    Feeding time!

    C. minax and a prey
  14. C. minax hunting

    C. minax hunting

    It's difficult to record when she's revealing herself. She's very shy and hides quickly when I touch the enclosure to drop a cricket.
  15. Never seen again

    Never seen again

    This cricket was never seen again.
  16. Waiting for her prey...

    Waiting for her prey...

    C. minax waiting on her next victim
  17. C.minax around 3"

    C.minax around 3"

    Male or female? Or this is a weird angle? Ventral sexing skills are okay but the Haplopelma/Cypropagopus genus are really giving me a hard time
  18. I Dare You

    I Dare You

    "Go ahead, try to take it... Make my day." Hellsing - 0.1.0 C. minax
  19. Post molt problem?

    Post molt problem?

    C. Minax just molted and I noticed this redness around her legs . She's eating but this looks really bad. Any thoughts?
  20. T likes digging!

    T likes digging!

    My C. minax dug about 5 Inches down and hit the bottom... maybe it needs more substrate.