1. Sub-Adult Female C. leetzi

    Sub-Adult Female C. leetzi

    Rare shot of my beautiful Bayley outside of her burrow tunnel
  2. Cyriocosmus sellatus

    Cyriocosmus sellatus

    Sling arrived today, already took down a baby isopod. Looks like this guy is going to be fine.
  3. Cyriocosmus giganteus

    Cyriocosmus giganteus

    Absolutely tiny sling of Cyriocosmus giganteus arrived today. It has a big name to grow into.
  4. Cyriocosmus webbing

    Cyriocosmus webbing

    Very old footage of my first T back in 2018. Lives with more substrate now, don't worry. Still have this individual. Probably not the best starter species, but worked out for the two of us.
  5. It appears to have passed.

    It appears to have passed.

    My first T loss in a long time. This one I rarely saw and she came out for a short bit but refused food. No death curl thought she may be molting but no movement in 48 hours. See the drop of liquid coming out?
  6. Dead or molting?

    Dead or molting?

    So I have had this beautiful C. elegans for some time now and she has always molted in a web tube under substrate. She was out the other day but took no food. Now hasn't moved for a few days and was just in place looking normal. Now like this for hours?
  7. It's alive!!

    It's alive!!

    I have not seen this one in many months and finally she is out and about on her own. I suspect she freshly molted. Unsexed C. elegans and a pretty one.
  8. 1.25" Cyriocosmus elegans [ventral sexing]

    1.25" Cyriocosmus elegans [ventral sexing]

    Changed the lighting so it was more visible but, any guesses?
  9. 0.1 Cyriocosmus leetzi

    0.1 Cyriocosmus leetzi

    Sin rocking her new suit.
  10. Cyriocosmus giganteus 1.25” dls

    Cyriocosmus giganteus 1.25” dls

    A bit early to tell, maybe, but its ventral area looks like a Batman Funko Pop.
  11. Cyriocosmus giganteus 1.25” dls

    Cyriocosmus giganteus 1.25” dls

    Rehoused it this evening and finally got a good look at it since I picked it up in November. It molted about 6 days ago. Such a beautiful spider already! I tried to get a look at its underbits but sex inconclusive.
  12. 0.1 C. elegans

    0.1 C. elegans

    1" Cyriocosmus elegans female.
  13. Cyriocosmus ritae 1,8cm body length

    Cyriocosmus ritae 1,8cm body length

    Hi, what do you say guys, male or female?
  14. Cyriocosmus giganteus Adult Female

    Cyriocosmus giganteus Adult Female

    Freshly moulted and looking very purple... which is a new look for her. I'm not complaining.
  15. Cyriocosmus perezmilesi .3 inch dls

    Cyriocosmus perezmilesi .3 inch dls

    Got two these little babies a week and a half ago. I hope one is female!
  16. Twinkle, Twinkle...

    Twinkle, Twinkle...

    Because Centauri is a little star. :) 0.1.0 C. sellatus
  17. Cyriocosmus bicolor Adult Female

    Cyriocosmus bicolor Adult Female

  18. Cyriocosmus aueri.

    Cyriocosmus aueri.

  19. MM Cyriocosmus elegans takes a worm

    MM Cyriocosmus elegans takes a worm

    This guy has barely eaten since he matured in mid March (at around 11 months of age), but he chowed down on a mealworm in a den surrounded by wall paintings done in his own filth today. Ya know. Guy stuff.
  20. Cyriocosmus giganteus Sub-Adult Female

    Cyriocosmus giganteus Sub-Adult Female

    Tangled in Webs has this species on their upcoming import list, it will only be the second time they have been in Canada ever. This girl is lonely and would love to have a boyfriend over for dinner one day. Now's your chance!