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cuban bronze tarantula

  1. 1.0 Phormictopus auratus

    1.0 Phormictopus auratus

    Frenzy rocking his new suit.
  2. P.auratus , just over 3"

    P.auratus , just over 3"

    I already know this one , just posting for fun and in case someone looks this species up one day .
  3. Phormictopus auratus

    Phormictopus auratus

    3 days post molt
  4. Phormictopus auratus

    Phormictopus auratus

    3 days post molt female 5" DLS
  5. 0.1 Phormictopus auratus reference, 2.5"

    0.1 Phormictopus auratus reference, 2.5"

    Purchased as a sexed female , uploading a pic of her molt for reference
  6. P. Auratus 2.75 inches

    P. Auratus 2.75 inches

    A little fuzzy but seems pretty obvious
  7. Shining brightly

    Shining brightly

    My juvie P. auratus looking like money. It is finshing its caterpillar.
  8. Phormictopus auratus

    Phormictopus auratus

    Another photo, i thing this is spermathecae in circle. Correct me if im wrong
  9. Truly a bronze tarantula

    Truly a bronze tarantula

    I love this T and he is looking so bright after a recent molt. I rehoused today into a more visible enclosure. It was a shame not to have him on display.
  10. New home

    New home

    Suspect juvie male P. auratus molted about one week ago. Rehoused today in his forever home.
  11. Phormictopus auratus sling

    Phormictopus auratus sling

    Cuban bronze T sling
  12. Freshly molted

    Freshly molted

    My suspect male P. auratus just molted a couple of hours ago. First molt in my possession. I will have to wait a bit to pull its molt since it is standing on it presently.
  13. No food today

    No food today

    Unsexed P. auratus approx 4.5 dls. Has not molted in my possession yet. Suspect male but not verified. If this genus isn't eating you know a molt is coming.
  14. P.auratus pic 3

    P.auratus pic 3

  15. New P.auratus female pic2

    New P.auratus female pic2

  16. New P.auratus female

    New P.auratus female

    Posting a couple pics of her , 2-2.5" dla
  17. Juvie P. Auratus about 4.5dls in premolt

    Juvie P. Auratus about 4.5dls in premolt

    I am leaning male but it has not molted yet in my possession to confirm. Anyone have any input. It is in heavy premolt and refusing food which is rare for the genus.
  18. Phormictopus...?


    Cancerides or auratus?
  19. Fun to feed

    Fun to feed

    My P. auratus never disappoints and is always an agressive eater. Not bad on the eyes either as she is a stunner!!
  20. P. Auratus

    P. Auratus

    2 inches. Not sure. My cancerdies was very clearly showing male at this size, but not sure how similar they are. Having some trouble finding vents of this size to compare.