1. Feeding day

    Feeding day

    My almost 3"dls P. sazimai unsexed taking down a cricket this morning. I may rehouse this one today. Currently in a small critter keeper. Her hide is too small now.
  2. Feeding time

    Feeding time

    My P. auratus eating again. This one never turns down a meal. She (non sexed) even attacks the pouring water when filling the dish.
  3. Brachypelma baumgarteni Juvenile Female - 2"

    Brachypelma baumgarteni Juvenile Female - 2"

    She did end up eating her dinner after contemplating it for a while.
  4. B. Vagans rocking a cricket

    B. Vagans rocking a cricket

    Just brought him home today and he is already a champ
  5. (chuckles) i'm in danger

    (chuckles) i'm in danger

  6. Zaire

    Flies in cricket container! Toss?

    I purchased one of those carry out cricket containers. When I took the cardboard off to open it, I noticed little flies in there. Based on previous posts, I know these are probably fungus gnats or phorid flies. I have read that phorid flies can carry nematodes so I have NOT opened the plastic...
  7. 20171123_002034


    Found this critter on the wall, didn't look like a regular cricket to me, the color and head shape are different from the feeders ones I buy. Can anyone identify?
  8. Babycurus Gigas Feeding

    Babycurus Gigas Feeding

  9. Babycurus Gigas

    Babycurus Gigas

  10. gooty ornamental feeding

    gooty ornamental feeding

    He is my first ornamental. I'm finding his bride:) In our country, we don't have a big choice of a prey. So we can only feed a mice, mealworms, or crickets:(
  11. Dinner time 2

    Dinner time 2

    Latrodectus hesperus enjoying cricket
  12. Dinner time!

    Dinner time!

    Latrodectus hesperus enjoying a cricket.
  13. P.regalis feeding

    P.regalis feeding

    2 inch p.regalis feeding.
  14. 418628 109789749168579 1751451747 n

    418628 109789749168579 1751451747 n

    A. Avic loves to eat, but not as of lately! Odd, huh?
  15. 535938 164903286990558 1378028332 n

    535938 164903286990558 1378028332 n

    A. Avic loves to eat, but not as of lately! Odd, huh?
  16. 458964 486980887982741 1446034867 o

    458964 486980887982741 1446034867 o

    Unsexed A. Avic was really hungry!
  17. 1inch Emperor Scorp

    1inch Emperor Scorp

  18. Lurking


    This is the largest of my three amblypygu
  19. H. Longimanus Eats Cricket

    H. Longimanus Eats Cricket

    Pinchy Nigel is feasting on a cricket.
  20. Ant loving cricket

    Ant loving cricket

    Myrmecophilus sp. male