1. Coremiocnemis Tropix

    Coremiocnemis Tropix

    New addition that has just spent 4 days in transit had me worried, it finally arrived today and she is a beauty. Dwarf rainforest species.
  2. Coremiocnemis tropix

    Coremiocnemis tropix

    Dwarf Tropix Adult Female
  3. Dwarf C. tropix

    Dwarf C. tropix

    I know that I said no to keeping a tarantula. I set my limit to non-tarantula mygs. It was a line in the sand. How could you say no to this cutie? New addition to the menagerie today.
  4. Coremiocnemis Tropix

    Coremiocnemis Tropix

    Starting to get her browns come through
  5. C.Tropix sling feeding gif

    C.Tropix sling feeding gif

    Bout time I uploaded one. An old video I found while sorting out my gallery
  6. C. hoggi

    C. hoggi

  7. Coremiocnemis Tropix

    Coremiocnemis Tropix

    From my first few purchases when I got into the hobby. It’s amazing how much size they put on per moult. This guy was teeny tiny when I got him. Now about the size of 1.5-2 segments of my finger (I’ve small hands but you get my point!).
  8. Coremiocnemis Tropix setup

    Coremiocnemis Tropix setup

    To this day I have no clue how they make the widow-style web strings everywhere. A lot less cluttered and nicer looking than the old one
  9. C.Tropix rehoused

    C.Tropix rehoused

    I had way too much spagnum moss in its container and it has just spread it everywhere and lived under it. It now has only half the amount of spag moss and a much more natural looking container
  10. C.Tropix with molt

    C.Tropix with molt

    Colours are looking female at the moment and she has a very prominent blue tint. I think she molted a week ago as the molt is still soft (she lives in a damp spag moss bundle so it stays soft for longer).
  11. C. Tropix after moulting

    C. Tropix after moulting

    This is a flash photo and it reveals some really nice colours (for an Australian tarantula at least)
  12. C.Tropix sling

    C.Tropix sling

    New little addition from the Coremiocnemis genus.
  13. Coremiocnemis sp. "Blue"

    Coremiocnemis sp. "Blue"

    Sub-adult female fresh from her last molt.