common pinktoe tarantula

  1. Inside the Hole

    Inside the Hole

    Inside the hole
  2. Freshly Molted Avicularia avicularia

    Freshly Molted Avicularia avicularia

    Fresh molted spider (: a avic 5.5 inches
  3. Avic Maybe

    Avic Maybe

    Pretty sure it's A. metallica
  4. Avic sling No.2

    Avic sling No.2

    Acquired via Cold Blood :)
  5. Avic Sling No.1

    Avic Sling No.1

    Acquired via Cold Blood :)
  6. Female pink toe (Avicularia)

    Female pink toe (Avicularia)

    Chowing down a tasty treat.
  7. Avicularia avicularia [ventral sexing]

    Avicularia avicularia [ventral sexing]

    I’m a very new to the hobby and acquired this pink toe from a pet store that closed down and its vivarium was in sad shape, now wanting to learn more so please help me understand what I have? M-f? The pet store couldn’t tell me where it’s from (breeder) or it’s sex or age( help)it’s about 6”
  8. Avicularia avicularia

    Avicularia avicularia

    14 year old female
  9. please help

    please help

    my pink toe molted 2 weeks ago and still refuses food and has been sitting on the ground like this for about 4 days now... she is most definitely alive... but why hasn’t she been in her web or moving around at all
  10. Sold as Avicularia avicularia

    Sold as Avicularia avicularia

    Better photo of supposed A. avicularia
  11. 2.5" A.avicularia juvenile

    2.5" A.avicularia juvenile

    I'm not the best at ventral sexing. The last molt was not salvageable so I'm now impatient lol
  12. Sold as "Pink Toe Tarantula"

    Sold as "Pink Toe Tarantula"

    "Pink Toe" T. Species unknown
  13. Avicularia avicularia [ventral sexing]

    Avicularia avicularia [ventral sexing]

    My avic avic I have no idea if this is sexable but I hope it is
  14. Avicularia avicularia

    Avicularia avicularia

    Avicularia avicularia
  15. Avic.Avicularia. 10cms

    Avic.Avicularia. 10cms

    A.Avicularia. Roughly 10cms. Bought as juvie from pet store 2 months ago. No molts in my care.
  16. Avicularia avicularia [ventral sexing]

    Avicularia avicularia [ventral sexing]

    A. Avicularia. One of my newest additions. It looks female to me, but other angles (in person atleast) make me second guess. I haven't been able to get an intact enough molt from it yet. Wanting others opinions/ help with ventral sexing it.
  17. Sold as Avicularia avicularia

    Sold as Avicularia avicularia

    So I was sold this and told it was a A. Avicularia but its colors don't seem right. And depending on the light it looks very very blue. Can anyone confirm this as a sp. Santa Mission Moonlight? Its seems to match all the pics I've seen but not much data is out there for that sp. name?
  18. Avicularia Avicularia

    Avicularia Avicularia

    She's fast
  19. Avicularia avicularia Morphotype?

    Avicularia avicularia Morphotype?

    Still trying to figure out if it's an Avic. Avic. or Avic M#6
  20. Avicularia avicularia [sexing]

    Avicularia avicularia [sexing]

    Hey I really want a final yes or no I know you might not be able to until it molts but I’m hoping so