common pinktoe tarantula

  1. 4.75" Avicularia avicularia [ventral sexing]

    4.75" Avicularia avicularia [ventral sexing]

    A.aviclaria 4.75 inches dls wondering if it is male or female I'm aweful and new to sexing so all help is appreciated
  2. Avicularia sp. Guyana

    Avicularia sp. Guyana

  3. A. avic??

    A. avic??

    Picked up and local brick and mortar for 30 dollars just wanna verify identity.
  4. Any ideas why several T’s are molting at the same time? A. Avicularia M1 Now a MM

    Any ideas why several T’s are molting at the same time? A. Avicularia M1 Now a MM

    I had 4 adults molt yesterday and 3 today. I considered temperature, feeding schedule, and species because this is new for me. Most are in different rooms and different feeding days. All are new worlds. Is it molting season at my house or all they like women and syncing up in a strange way?
  5. Stubborn (♀ Avicularia avicularia 2")

    Stubborn (♀ Avicularia avicularia 2")

    I slowly removed the lid, thinking she would climb down so that I could open the enclosure to feed this sling, but instead she stubbornly refused, remaining on the lid even as I held it vertically.
  6. DLS A. avicularia

    DLS A. avicularia

    Used IPhone app to get a length of her via diagonal leg span. She has her first left bent and her fourth right is slightly bent. I would assume she is at least 4” maybe a tad over.
  7. Fluffy butt 001

    Fluffy butt 001

    Is it a he or is it a she.... one day we will know
  8. Not a great place to molt at all. Avicularia M1

    Not a great place to molt at all. Avicularia M1

    I have been watching her closely because I know she was going to molt soon. She made two mats. One with lots of open space and this one. This is were she picked to molt.... I am not loving this location at all but I have seen stranger places and they do fine.
  9. Mature A. Avic sexing [3/3]

    Mature A. Avic sexing [3/3]

  10. Mature A. Avic sexing [2/3]

    Mature A. Avic sexing [2/3]

  11. Mature A. Avic sexing [1/3]

    Mature A. Avic sexing [1/3]

  12. Avicularia ID

    Avicularia ID

    Picked this one up at a local Pet Store as a Pinktoe for 15 bucks does anyone know the what type it is?
  13. Mature male? A.avicularia (velutina)

    Mature male? A.avicularia (velutina)

    Only small (about 2 and 1/2 inch) and i estimate about 2 years old so i hadn't even considered until now it might be mature.
  14. Avicularia Avicularia

    Avicularia Avicularia

    This guy/gal is now about 4.5 DLS. Have never been able to get a good underside shot to sex that way but finally got a molt I could unravel. Lastmolt was 4.5 months ago. No sign of hooks or those boxing peds... getting kind of big and am hoping to put sexing behind me. Thanks!
  15. "Wednesday" A. avicularia

    "Wednesday" A. avicularia

    I feel like this little girl will never grow up.
  16. Fluffy_closeup_001


    Nom nom nom. 2x mealworms
  17. Avicularia avicularia

    Avicularia avicularia

    Hopefully a better picture of my 3.5 camera shy avic... i was trying to figure out how to add a new picture and accidentally deleted the whole thread. Sorry!
  18. Her first web (in my care)

    Her first web (in my care)

    Here’s Fluffy, my spiderling Avicularia avicularia. I just noticed her chilling in her first web tonight when I went to feed her! Yay so excited. Now I don’t have to pull her out to feed her. She takes prey real prissy and gently so she misses in tank
  19. Dinner time!

    Dinner time!

  20. Avicularia avicularia Web

    Avicularia avicularia Web

    My Avicularia Avicularia finally made a web for me! I’ve had this girl for about 2 months now and she webbed a bit before but nothing like this. She’s been refusing food for the past few weeks and her web resembled a hammock so I think she might be planning to molt soon. Her name is Arri!