colombian giant redleg tarantula

  1. Female Megaphobema robustum

    Female Megaphobema robustum

    My lovely female
  2. Megaphobema robustum.

    Megaphobema robustum.

  3. M. Robustum 1.25"

    M. Robustum 1.25"

    So...I think I see female, but I wanted to be sure since I couldn't find any other Megaphobema Robustum molt sexing posts to reference
  4. Megaphobema robustum eggs/EWL

    Megaphobema robustum eggs/EWL

    Pulled sac day 29 and the pairing was a success! 46 eggs and 3 so far with legs! First time pairing ever
  5. Megaphobema robustum

    Megaphobema robustum

    First sac ever! Hopefully the pairing was a success.
  6. Megaphobema robustum

    Megaphobema robustum

    7 inch DLS MM
  7. 0.1 M. robustum

    0.1 M. robustum

    Let me present to you Lambda, an angry lady. These threat postures and movement will never stop to amaze me.
  8. Megaphobema robustum

    Megaphobema robustum

    A NW must-have for any collection, big, colorful adn full of personality.
  9. 0.1 M. robustum

    0.1 M. robustum

    Hecate's out after molt and hungry again!
  10. 0.1 M. robustum

    0.1 M. robustum

    Bought as sexed female, it's her second moult in my care and this time I could actually snatch it before she dumped it in the least accessible part of her burrow.
  11. 0.1 Megaphobema robustum

    0.1 Megaphobema robustum

    Nom nom nom, Lambda stuffing her face with sole worms
  12. Chilling


    Taking as many pictures as I can while this one is out. (M. robustum)
  13. Megaphobema robustum

    Megaphobema robustum

  14. Sold to me as B.boehmei

    Sold to me as B.boehmei

    So this juvenile T was sold to me as B.Boehmei, but I’m not sure. If anyone has any input, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
  15. M. Robustum

    M. Robustum

    Almost a year of trying to ventral sex it. It finally through its molt on top of its borrow. Im thinking female. What do you say?
  16. M.Robustum


    My juvy M.robustum
  17. M. robustum

    M. robustum

    First time I get to take a picture of her without glass or anything between her and my phone.
  18. M. Robustum

    M. Robustum

    My 6+ inch boy has hooks! Now he needs a girl friend. Matured 5/19
  19. M. robustum 2/2

    M. robustum 2/2

  20. M. robustum 1/2

    M. robustum 1/2

    My girl is finally in a mood to take some pics. Too bad she runs away as soon as I touch the shelf