1. 0.1 Nhandu chromatus

    0.1 Nhandu chromatus

    Storm rocking her new suit
  2. Caught in the act

    Caught in the act

    My N. chromatus took a cricket inside her hide but came out for a happy dance and I caught a photo.
  3. 0.1 Nhandu chromatus, 1.375"

    0.1 Nhandu chromatus, 1.375"

    Was so thrilled to get such a good shot of this this morning , if I didn't have backlight would have missed it - nearly invisible . Didn't expect such clear spermatheca at such a small size , definitely thinking the gbb I posted yesterday is possibly maleish now
  4. Nhandu chromatus [ventral sexing] [2/2]

    Nhandu chromatus [ventral sexing] [2/2]

    Male or Female?
  5. Nhandu chromatus [ventral sexing] [1/2]

    Nhandu chromatus [ventral sexing] [1/2]

    Male or Female ?
  6. 6” n. chromatus Female

    6” n. chromatus Female

    Hello guys. What do you think? Is she ready to meet a nice male?
  7. N. chromatus

    N. chromatus

    Freshly molted and beautiful to watch
  8. Good day mylady!

    Good day mylady!

    Nhandu chromatus. Subadult female, about 4cm body length.
  9. 3.5 inch Nhandu chromatus

    3.5 inch Nhandu chromatus

    I think I see a tiny spermatheca, but I'm not certain.
  10. Nhandu chromatus

    Nhandu chromatus

    I'd say it's 4" maybe 5" dls. PS first post of this kind of pic.
  11. No respect!

    No respect!

    I make this wonderful larger enclosure, make sure the moisture is right. I make a nice hide and put a little love into her and this is what I get. She held it for about 7 minutes.
  12. Brazilian Whiteknee?

    Brazilian Whiteknee?

    I will be getting this little beauty soon. She/he is a baby. Only 2 inches atm. Is She/he a Brazilian White Knee? I am not sure.
  13. N. chromatus

    N. chromatus

    Male or Female?
  14. Chromatus


  15. Nhandu chromatus post-molt

    Nhandu chromatus post-molt

    Showing some new colors!
  16. Nhandu chromatus Juvenile Female

    Nhandu chromatus Juvenile Female

    These have never been on my list, but this young girl was too good to pass up.
  17. Nhandu chromatus

    Nhandu chromatus

    Pretty messed up but can anyone tell by chance?
  18. Nhandu Chromatus

    Nhandu Chromatus

    Molted two weeks ago and looking gorgeous!
  19. Nhandu chromatus

    Tarantula Nhandu chromatus

    From the Wikipedia entry. Scientific classification Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Arthropoda Subphylum: Chelicerata Class: Arachnida Order: Araneae Infraorder: Mygalomorphae Family: Theraphosidae Genus: Nhandu Species: N. chromatus The Brazilian red and white tarantula (Nhandu chromatus) is a...
  20. Nhandu chromatus.

    Nhandu chromatus.

    The Nhandu that is not a Nhandu.