chaco goldenknee

  1. 0.1 G. pulchripes

    0.1 G. pulchripes

    5.5" female Grammostola pulchripes.
  2. A Sweet Surprise

    A Sweet Surprise

    My sweet little Grammostola pulchripes- named Guinness- poking out of his hidey hole. He has been barricaded in there since November. He hasn't molted, but it's nice to see him anyway.
  3. early morning yoga

    early morning yoga

    I don't always do yoga, but when I do, I choose to do so right over my water dish so I can worry my mom about injuring myself.
  4. full-time g.pulchripes, part-time model

    full-time g.pulchripes, part-time model

    This was taken a few weeks after Cooper's final molt, and I honestly think he saw the dollar on my dresser and was like " Hey mom, I'm a big boy now" . The pose just makes me laugh
  5. Tip toe chaco

    Tip toe chaco

    Been munchin on that cricket for a while.
  6. Pablo says, "Hi!"

    Pablo says, "Hi!"

    He crawled out from under his peat moss to chill under his silk leaves.
  7. Baby Pablo

    Baby Pablo

    This picture was taken right after he arrived.
  8. Chaco golden knee sling

    Chaco golden knee sling

    Does anyone know what it means when my pulcheripes sling raises its abdomen strait up? Im not sure if its a threat posture or not?
  9. Grammostola pulchripes Sling

    Grammostola pulchripes Sling

    Grammostola pulchripes "Chaco golden knee" Sling from:
  10. G. pulchripes

    G. pulchripes

    Some pictures I think I see fusillae... Some I don't. Stumped at this point!
  11. G pulchripes M or F

    G pulchripes M or F

    G pulchripes 2"
  12. 3.5 Golden Knee Chaco

    3.5 Golden Knee Chaco

    Hi, I'm just new to this stuff, does anyone know if this is a HE or a SHE? Thank you!
  13. G pulchripes guessed female

    G pulchripes guessed female

  14. G. pulchripes

    G. pulchripes

    A potential buy. Seller believed it to be a female, but after both of us inspecting a molt we're not so sure.
  15. G. pulchripes

    G. pulchripes

    Unpacking my first T!
  16. Chaco juvenile

    Chaco juvenile

  17. G. pulchripes

    G. pulchripes

    My beautiful female Chaco
  18. My Chaco Golden Knee sling(grammostola pulchripes)

    My Chaco Golden Knee sling(grammostola pulchripes)

    grammostola pulchripes sling
  19. G. Pulchripes

    G. Pulchripes

    My first of many tararantulas Josie. G. Pulchripes (Chaco Golden Knee) sling.
  20. chaco


    looks female but im not sure...