caribena versicolor

  1. Feather (C. versicolor)

    Feather (C. versicolor)

    Feather keeps getting prettier and prettier! I love that blue coloration. Usually I leave it alone, but today I had to make better test for my new phone camera
  2. C. versicolor

    C. versicolor

  3. Polaris


    I think it's about time for a rehouse.
  4. C.versicolor(F)AD_1


  5. C. versicolor

    C. versicolor

  6. Polaris


    Post molt
  7. Polaris


    This was taken just after Polaris first molt in my care. Feels like a lifetime ago!
  8. 2" C versicolor

    2" C versicolor

    This was the best picture I could get. Does this look like spermathcae?
  9. !C. Versicolor!

    !C. Versicolor!

    Just molted about 10days ago. Fed it its very first superworm Last night. What a gorgeous species. Can't what till it "FUZZES" up some more.
  10. Polaris Post molt

    Polaris Post molt

    Polaris after his/her last molt! Still haven't been able to sex this one because the molts are always too mangled!
  11. C. Versicolor

    C. Versicolor

    Confirmed female DLS 3+
  12. 2" Caribena versicolor [molt sexing]

    2" Caribena versicolor [molt sexing]

    C. Versicolor at 2" any guesses?
  13. !!C. Versicolor!!. Still a little Small

    !!C. Versicolor!!. Still a little Small

    thats the quarter on the edge of the image. Pretty sure its Female but im new at this
  14. C. Versicolor M or F

    C. Versicolor M or F

    How about this one?
  15. MM Caribena versicolor

    MM Caribena versicolor

    Phoenix rocking his final suit
  16. MM Caribena versicolor

    MM Caribena versicolor

    Phoenix rocking his final suit
  17. C. versicolor male (Tiddleywinks)

    C. versicolor male (Tiddleywinks)

  18. Caribana Veraicolor

    Caribana Veraicolor

    Little 1 cm sling so cute
  19. C versicolor

    C versicolor

    Well this one is easy . 2.5 inch
  20. Caribena versicolor

    Caribena versicolor

    C. versicolor here. May still be too little. I don't know. Can anyone tell? Thank you for your time.