1. Oxygen Theory Gone Wrong?

    Oxygen Theory Gone Wrong?

    I think someone in Toronto might have gotten a bit carried away with that increased oxygen theory.
  2. Avicularia avicularia

    Avicularia avicularia

    They are ready to go to their new homes!
  3. Paruroctonus Boreus (Northern Scorpion)

    Paruroctonus Boreus (Northern Scorpion)

    This little Canadian fellow is still active and healthy in the sagebrush terrarium I have him in. Fascinating species with little research into their northern populations.
  4. P. audax

    P. audax

    Female Phidippus audax. Fox creek, AB, Canada.
  5. P. boreus

    P. boreus

    Found near Osoyoos in rocky desert grass/scrub area. Specimen under 2 inches from chelae to telson.
  6. Paruroctonus boreus

    Paruroctonus boreus

    1.1 pair of P. boreus.