1. Aphonopelma chalcodes carrying a dirt piece

    Aphonopelma chalcodes carrying a dirt piece

    A. Chalcodes in the process of making a burrow. I thought it was a cool shot. Favorite specimen in my collection at the moment.
  2. First meal in over 9 months

    First meal in over 9 months

    Her first meal in over 9 months. She molted and was super skittish for over 2 weeks. Finally decided that I'd crush a dubia's head and put it at her burrow entrance and see what happens.
  3. Pterinochilus Murinus

    Pterinochilus Murinus

    Killer B just hanging outside her burrow today
  4. H.Formidabilis entry

    H.Formidabilis entry

    A good example of a typical Atracid burrow
  5. H.Versuta burrow

    H.Versuta burrow

    Really impressed by how she made this
  6. Pre-Molt


    Little does it know, when it started sealing off its burrow, it created the perfect opening for me to watch it molt... O.O
  7. Another wild trapdoor burrow

    Another wild trapdoor burrow

    Likely A.Longipes
  8. Wild trapdoor burrow (Arbanitis)

    Wild trapdoor burrow (Arbanitis)

    Perfectly round entry, interior neatly clad in silk with little to no exterior webbing. May protrude 10mm-300mm above ground depending on the species. One of few primitive spider genus that will live in large open fields
  9. Wild trapdoor colony

    Wild trapdoor colony

    Arbanitis are hands down the most widespread and versatile genus I know. They occupy the entire east coast of Aus and live anywhere from rainforest to dry scrubland and arid hill tops to literally a ball toss away from the ocean shoreline
  10. Apomastus sp habitat

    Apomastus sp habitat

    Burrow amongst oak and toxicodendron litter
  11. Expanding the burrow

    Expanding the burrow

    My C. minax is busy digging substrate these days. Possibly pre moult.
  12. Interesting hole

    Interesting hole

    I mean at least this guy makes my container have some character to it. Master decorator
  13. H.Valida false lid entrance

    H.Valida false lid entrance

    She's only got one entry for now but heres a perfect example of the false lids they employ to conceal the burrow
  14. The floor is a minefield of trapdoor burrows challenge

    The floor is a minefield of trapdoor burrows challenge

    Arbanitis sp. How long could you survive?
  15. T likes digging!

    T likes digging!

    My C. minax dug about 5 Inches down and hit the bottom... maybe it needs more substrate.
  16. C. elegans remodeling

    C. elegans remodeling

    My corpulent C. elegans did some remodeling over the weekend to allow its burrow to accommodate its ponderous bulk. I think it’s about 1.5 inches now.
  17. New year calls for a new spider pic

    New year calls for a new spider pic

    Well it just turned 2019 Down Under and Golden Tube Spider has ventured outside to mark the occasion
  18. The kind of tube I WAS hoping for

    The kind of tube I WAS hoping for

    Golden Tube Spider has finally done its job. Not quite the 20cm tubes found in the wild but this is more than adequate for me. This Arbanitis sp. takes noteably longer to settle in than my other ones
  19. Curly hair

    Curly hair

    He finally in its burrow. Even digging up dirt.
  20. Big Man!

    Big Man!

    My Brachypelma Vagans, Big Man with a ruler. I'm guessing about 3/4 of an inch or close to an 1 inch! He decided to close up his burrow today and has been chilling and digging around. Dunno if it is male or female, but the name stuck.