bumba cabocla

  1. Bumba cabocla [ventral sexing]

    Bumba cabocla [ventral sexing]

    As close as i could get with my phone. 3" Bumba cabocla, looking female to me. Thoughts?
  2. Bumba cabocla Sling (husbandry advice needed)

    Bumba cabocla Sling (husbandry advice needed)

    Picked this little thing up at the breeders expo in Daytona FL. If you’re out here give me a holler! Also any care tips would be awesome
  3. Bumba cabocla

    Bumba cabocla

    Picked up this little guy today! Bumba cabocla, unsexed about 3 inches.
  4. Fresh cabocla

    Fresh cabocla

    Kitty gave me a molt, looking beautiful!
  5. B. cabocla

    B. cabocla

    The B stands for beautiful. ;) My small juvie male, Teddy Rose-Svelte. Last molt was in December, I think?
  6. busy baby B cablocla

    busy baby B cablocla

    Just got this one last weekend, rehoused yesterday and already working away setting up shop. close to 1", maybe a little less. Couldn't help it, gave it a tiny crix already and it went at it. keeping sub a bit moist, open to any tips.
  7. 0.1.0 B. cabocla

    0.1.0 B. cabocla

    I swear that I had read somewhere that these guys are supposed to be docile, but true to her name, Kitty came at me claws out when I rehoused her today. Charged the tongs and bit the decor as I was removing it lmao.
  8. A drink well deserved!

    A drink well deserved!

    Kitty, 0.1.0 B. cabocla. Arrived looking rather rough, as these guys do when they're in need of a molt. She plumped out significantly after a faceplanting in the water dish.
  9. Bumba cabocla

    Bumba cabocla

    Has been busy rearranging everything since I got her a couple days ago. Such a cool T! <3
  10. Terrestrial Sling Enclosure (Bumba cabocla)

    Terrestrial Sling Enclosure (Bumba cabocla)

    A basic setup for a terrestrial sling.
  11. A Sling Thing (♂ Bumba cabocla)

    A Sling Thing (♂ Bumba cabocla)

    Fattening up for a molt.
  12. Tiny Sling With a Tiny Worm (♂ Bumba cabocla)

    Tiny Sling With a Tiny Worm (♂ Bumba cabocla)

    Proof that even a tiny sling can take live prey!
  13. My New Bumba cabocla Sling (♂ 0.75")

    My New Bumba cabocla Sling (♂ 0.75")

  14. B. cabocla

    B. cabocla

    Purchased 1.1 pair of subadults from Casey K