1. No respect!

    No respect!

    I make this wonderful larger enclosure, make sure the moisture is right. I make a nice hide and put a little love into her and this is what I get. She held it for about 7 minutes.
  2. She tagged it but did not eat

    She tagged it but did not eat

    My 3" dls P. sazimai, Unsexed and may be in premolt. You can see the clear drop on the head end of the caterpillar where she tagged it. It is a little large so she may be waiting to eat it. We will see...
  3. Wonderful T

    Wonderful T

    Roughly 4" dls suspect male P. platyomma. I should know for sure next molt but I did not see a flap or female bits on last molt. He is a stunner.
  4. Scary Terrys crib

    Scary Terrys crib

    My G actaeon habitat. She is very active since I set it up like this so I'm hoping that's a tarantula version of a thumbs up. But, she could also just be exploring and rearranging.
  5. Feeding time

    Feeding time

    Fun T to have. She is often out and looking great!
  6. T. stigmurus 2i

    T. stigmurus 2i

  7. T. stigmurus 3i

    T. stigmurus 3i

  8. Nhandu Chromatus post-moult

    Nhandu Chromatus post-moult

    (Sorry for glare) My little N Chromatus xx Now about 9cm-ish, if I'd have known I'd have removed the moult quicker to sex it but it got there before I did :') xx
  9. Nhandu Tripepii

    Nhandu Tripepii

    My lovely tripepii 8 days post moult, looking beautiful now reaching about 11cm. Also yes there was a hide on her burrow but she wasn't hungry so went on a locust rescue mission :') xx
  10. G.Pulchra postmolt

    G.Pulchra postmolt

  11. Pterinopelma sazimai

    Pterinopelma sazimai

  12. G.Pulchra premolt

    G.Pulchra premolt

    juvenile in premolt
  13. Grammostola Pulchra juvenile

    Grammostola Pulchra juvenile