brazilian wooly black tarantula

  1. Freshly Molted Grammostola actaeon (>2")

    Freshly Molted Grammostola actaeon (>2")

  2. 1" G actaeon sling molt

    1" G actaeon sling molt

    Please help me sex this molt!
  3. Grammostola actaeon

    Grammostola actaeon

    Post molt juvenile female
  4. Nightcap (Grammostola actaeon)

    Nightcap (Grammostola actaeon)

  5. Wooly (Grammostola actaeon 2")

    Wooly (Grammostola actaeon 2")

  6. Freshly Molted Grammostola actaeon (2")

    Freshly Molted Grammostola actaeon (2")

  7. Grammostola actaeon.

    Grammostola actaeon.

    Hobby form.
  8. Grammostola actaeon

    Grammostola actaeon

    Munching on a roach.
  9. 0.1 Grammostola actaeon

    0.1 Grammostola actaeon

    Confirmed female after mooting yesterday. She's such a beauty.
  10. Noms (Grammostola actaeon 1.5")

    Noms (Grammostola actaeon 1.5")

  11. Grammostola sp. "Wooly Black".

    Grammostola sp. "Wooly Black".

    Hobby Grammostola acteon.
  12. My New Grammostola actaeon (1.5")

    My New Grammostola actaeon (1.5")

  13. G Actaeon

    G Actaeon

    Scary Terry showing off a bit
  14. Spooder feets

    Spooder feets

    Probably the cutest T picture I've ever taken. I love my girl
  15. Exploration time

    Exploration time

    Terry checking out the hill behind her house
  16. Fuzzy girl (G Actaeon)

    Fuzzy girl (G Actaeon)

    A really good shot of her hairs, I felt it might be good for reference someday.
  17. G Actaeon (Scary Terry)

    G Actaeon (Scary Terry)

    Terry let me get some great shots of her today. She's been pretty active since her molt
  18. G actaeon feeling social

    G actaeon feeling social

    Scary Terry decided to climb my arm and perch on my shoulder this morning. She hung out there while I did all her habitat maintenance and then climbed down to inspect.
  19. G Actaeon

    G Actaeon

    My female g actaeon, Scary Terry. Suspected to be about 4 years old
  20. G pulchra or no?

    G pulchra or no?

    It was sold as a g pulchra but I'm not certain