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brazilian salmon tarantula

  1. Injury? or?

    Injury? or?

    i was checking on my t's this morning and noticed this on my L.Parahybana, was wondering if i should be concerned or not?? thanks,
  2. I love this angle

    I love this angle

  3. Lasiodora Parahybana

    Lasiodora Parahybana

  4. Lp ventral

    Lp ventral

    Is this pic good enough or do I need another?
  5. Lasiodora Parahybana

    Lasiodora Parahybana

    Molting so nice
  6. l parahybana

    l parahybana

    so.....what do we have here...??
  7. Lasiodora Parahybana, Male or Female?

    Lasiodora Parahybana, Male or Female?

    Pretty fuzzy, just after I got this little fella. I hope the photo is clear enough.
  8. Lasiodora parahybana

    Lasiodora parahybana

  9. L. Parahybana

    L. Parahybana

    Recently molted, thought I'd put it up on here to see if anyone can sex it. Thanks in advance.
  10. LP


  11. L. Parahybana

    L. Parahybana

    Female 7+ inch DLS Molted 4/20
  12. Male or Female?

    Male or Female?

    this is my L.parahybana i was wondering if its femals or male. thanks!
  13. New Addition.

    New Addition.

    My new Lasiodora parahybana looking pretty eating her first meal in her forever home. shes 4-5inches i think. not entirly sure yet.
  14. L. parahybana

    L. parahybana

    Lasiodora parahybana
  15. Lasiodora parahybana [ventral sexing]

    Lasiodora parahybana [ventral sexing]

    Lasiodora Parahybana, about a year old, please help me sex it!
  16. Is she a salmon Pink?

    Is she a salmon Pink?

  17. L. parahybana

    L. parahybana

    Top down, better focus. Booty enhanced.
  18. L. parahybana

    L. parahybana

    Big girl munching a superworm
  19. Freshly molted

    Freshly molted

  20. Happy tarantula

    Happy tarantula

    I hate anthropomorphizing animals, but I think it's safe to say that that's the face of one happy T. :P 4" L.parahybana female.