brazilian dwarf tarantula

  1. Kochiana Brunnipes

    Kochiana Brunnipes

    My mature 2" female.
  2. Concerned About this Girl

    Concerned About this Girl

    Kochiana brunnipes adult female. Not only has she removed all of her urticating hair, but she is out all the time. I'm concerned about her uncharacteristic behaviour. This girl was the most reclusive of all my tarantulas, only being seen a couple of times a year. Now, she's out all the time.
  3. 0.1.0 K. brunnipes

    0.1.0 K. brunnipes

    Kirby settling in to her new home.
  4. Kochiana brunnipes

    Kochiana brunnipes

    1inch I’m so sorry for all the scratches hihi!
  5. Kochiana brunipes 0,1

    Kochiana brunipes 0,1

  6. Kochiana brunnipes Sling

    Kochiana brunnipes Sling

    Kochiana brunnipes Sling
  7. 0.1 K. brunnipes

    0.1 K. brunnipes

    Mature Female K. brunnipes. probably 2-2.5” 60x magnification
  8. Kochiana brunnipes

    Kochiana brunnipes

  9. 0.1 K brunipes 1.5”

    0.1 K brunipes 1.5”

    K. brunipes 1.5” maybe a little bigger.
  10. Kochiana brunnipes

    Kochiana brunnipes

    My girl has been buried a while but I managed to get a decent picture of her after rehousing her into a bigger box. Still as lovely as ever!
  11. Kochiana brunnipes

    Kochiana brunnipes

  12. K. brunnipes

    K. brunnipes

    Hi guys, sorry I couldn't get a better picture so I hope this works out. Any chance to sex this K. brunnipes? I'm leaning towards female but I couldn't get my hands on a molt that wasn't shredded and he/she's a lightning bolt so a closer look is next to impossible. Thanks
  13. Kochiana brunippes

    Kochiana brunippes

    My beautiful little one freshly molted.
  14. Kochiana brunnipes

    Kochiana brunnipes

  15. Kochiana brunnipes Sling

    Kochiana brunnipes Sling

  16. Kochiana brunnipes

    Kochiana brunnipes

  17. Mooned by K. Brunnipes

    Mooned by K. Brunnipes

    Hardly ever see her, so I tried to sneak a peek. I heard her little T voice say, “Peek at this!”
  18. Kochiana brunnipes Adult Female

    Kochiana brunnipes Adult Female

    I recently rehoused this speedy little girl and she has been out and about ever since. I hadn't seen her for over a year, until her burrow collapsed and I risked her bolting every time I opened her enclosure. She was overdue for a rehouse.
  19. Kochiana Brunnipes (F)

    Kochiana Brunnipes (F)

    Molted 6 days ago.