1. CvbF


    A glimpse of blue is all I need to love you... No need to go electric...
  2. Mystery Blue Millipede

    Mystery Blue Millipede

    The millipede that turned blue.
  3. Pretty little devil

    Pretty little devil

    She is such a mean pain in the butt. She makes up for it in looks.
  4. Xenesthis sp. "Blue".

    Xenesthis sp. "Blue".

  5. Cubaris Lemon Blue Isopod

    Cubaris Lemon Blue Isopod

    Cubaris Lemon Blue Isopod
  6. A3C6E6F7-A378-4D35-834F-C523E43B28FB.jpeg


    Acladocricus sp Philippine blue millipedes
  7. FC5707CE-C7B6-4FD7-831A-0C7F30189E0F.jpeg


    Acladocricus sp Philippine blue millipedes
  8. Feeling a little blue

    Feeling a little blue

    Unsexed 2.5" P. sazimai, she has become more bold since last molt and she is staying out more. A beauty for sure
  9. 3 weeks ago

    3 weeks ago

    I love a beautiful T and I am a sucker for the blue ones....
  10. I was tricked!!

    I was tricked!!

    "The H. pulchripes is the chillest of all the baboons" they say. Mine is Satan. She'll bolt on you if your not careful and look at this threat pose! Fierce.
  11. Beautiful little T.

    Beautiful little T.

    Pic of my beautiful C. versicolor. Taken with flash since the natural light was fading.
  12. First meal after molt

    First meal after molt

    My D. diamantinensis just molted last week. First meal after her molt is a nice, soft and juicy caterpillar.
  13. Recent acquisition

    Recent acquisition

    Just picked up this I. mira sling yesterday.
  14. This one always keeps me on edge

    This one always keeps me on edge

    P. metallica 3", suspect female. Of all the T's I have this one and maybe my P. cambridgei keep me on my toes. So quick and nervous. I find most T's are predictable...not this one. I can only predict that she will be crazy.
  15. Feeding time

    Feeding time

    Fun T to have. She is often out and looking great!
  16. Finicky bugger

    Finicky bugger

    I swear this one frustrates me the most. Not a very aggressive eater. Don't ignore the meal worm!
  17. Love this one.

    Love this one.

    I was on vacation for 10 days and all T's doing well. This one molted a couple of weeks ago and she is looking beautiful
  18. Out and about

    Out and about

    This one is always out. I enjoy them at these smaller stages when they are chill and just hangout.
  19. So colorful but who would know

    So colorful but who would know

    My versicolor just molted yesterday and is a stunning metallic blue. If she would just show herself.
  20. Time to web it up

    Time to web it up

    My new H. pulchripes sling has found the hide finally after five days. Now it's time to web it up!