blue foot baboon tarantula

  1. G. iheringi molt 4" OLS

    G. iheringi molt 4" OLS

    Murphy molted today. I am not good at sexting but I think it's a male. If you experts could weigh in I'd be greatful. I can upload more pics if will help.
  2. I. mira

    I. mira

    Her standards for what qualifies as a trap door have really gone down hill lately.
  3. I. mira

    I. mira

  4. Odd I. mira

    Odd I. mira

    This I. mira has easily been the oddest T in terms of behavior that I have in my collection. Despite being offered ample substrate, it has never fully taken to the signature trap door life the species is known for. Here it is, taking a drink after I added more water to its substrate.
  5. 1" Idothele mira

    1" Idothele mira

  6. Idiothele mira

    Idiothele mira

    Sorry for the crappy pict.
  7. todays I. mira pairing

    todays I. mira pairing

  8. Idiothele Mira.

    Idiothele Mira.

    Thinking male.
  9. Idiothele mira

    Idiothele mira

    Guarding egg sac
  10. Now you see me... Now you don't

    Now you see me... Now you don't

    The top photo was last night before bed. The bottom one was this morning. Seems she has taken a liking to her new home. :D
  11. 0.1 I.mira

    0.1 I.mira

    Rehoused one of my two girls today and got a decent shot of her.
  12. I. mira - AF- Blue Suede Shoes

    I. mira - AF- Blue Suede Shoes

    a visit from her trapdoor burrow.
  13. AF I. mira- aka Blue Suede Shoes

    AF I. mira- aka Blue Suede Shoes

    I mira
  14. i.mira


    some ones is peeking
  15. I.mira-sling


    I wonder were she could be
  16. I.mira-sling


    I see little blue toes
  17. I.mira-sling


    my little i.mira twinkle toes
  18. Idiothele mira with spiderling

    Idiothele mira with spiderling

    Baby with the momma c:
  19. Idiothele mira 1I spiderlings

    Idiothele mira 1I spiderlings

    Looks like the I. mira pairing was successful.
  20. He Tried To Run!

    He Tried To Run!

    I dropped him half a superworm that he pounced on and then decided he wanted to take his meal on the go, trying to make a break for it! I got my trusty catch cup and caught the culprit redhanded-... erm... blue footed? Major downside to having a shy fossorial that never took to the fossorial life.