1. Ungoliant

    Tarantula Information for Beginners (and More)

    Below are some helpful resources. (Rather than having half a dozen or more pinned threads, which clutter the top of the board, we are pinning this index.) While the focus is on beginners, there are other threads on health and more advanced species that may be useful to more experienced...
  2. Cas S

    Haplopelma lividum "emerald green" for Beginner?

    Hello everyone. I want to know if it is okay for someone who is a beginner to get an H. lividum. I wouldn't be holding it, it would be a display pet. I have never had a tarantula, however i have other pets, and have experience with other fast animals and tarantulas. I've been doing research for...
  3. USS Arachnid

    Poecilotheria fasciata for my second T?

    So I've had a 3/4 inch b.vagans sling for a little under a month now. It hasn't molted but I think its going to soon as I've noticed the burrow hole getting smaller and smaller and the burrow itself is large and empty of dirt. I've been feeding live now and before i fed pre-killed. I'm...
  4. Rachel C

    Long time lover first time owner

    I got my first T (b smithi) for my birthday this year after desperately wanting one for about 20 years. It was the first pet I can remember begging for. I am in love with him and have become instantly addicted. I just added a female A. chalcodes to my collection and Im looking into getting a...