1. Neodiplothele cf. aureus.

    Neodiplothele cf. aureus.

    Family Barychelidae.
  2. Brushfoot


  3. Neon legs

    Neon legs

    Idiommata Sp. Silverback/Electric Blue showing only a fraction of the colours she can flash on her legs
  4. Ozicrypta


    Qld Brush Footed Trapdoor
  5. Neodiplothele cf. aureus.

    Neodiplothele cf. aureus.

    A dwarf trapdoor from Barychelidae family.
  6. Seqocrypta Jakara sling

    Seqocrypta Jakara sling

    The little Brisbane Brushfoots are all doing well and finally looking like trapdoors instead of brown blobs
  7. Idiommata "Silverback"

    Idiommata "Silverback"

    Been a while since I've updated on her, she's been busy uprooting half the substrate in her enclosure and it's been very entertaining watching her with mouthfuls of dirt
  8. Idiommata Silverback - chromatic hairs

    Idiommata Silverback - chromatic hairs

    Reflecting some blue and pink. Blue is the easiest to reflect, but all the other colours like green, gold, red and purple require very specific angles. On the "divine angle" as I like to call it, you can get a perfect rainbow on each leg
  9. Idiommata "Silverback"

    Idiommata "Silverback"

    This beautiful girl low-key asking for a rehouse. The rainbow polychromatic leg hair is absolutely stunning, and in my opinion makes her worth more than nearly any overseas T I could want
  10. Seqocrypta Jakara

    Seqocrypta Jakara

    A very chubby sling
  11. Idiommata sp. Silverback #3

    Idiommata sp. Silverback #3

    Showing a small amount of the blue spectrum. Strong enough reflection to illuminate the side of the plastic container, this photo had dimmed down alot of the intensity
  12. Idiommata sp. Silverback #2

    Idiommata sp. Silverback #2

    Showing the red and gold spectrum on her reflective legs
  13. Idiommata sp. Silverback #1

    Idiommata sp. Silverback #1

    A rare treat to see her outside
  14. Seqocrypta Jakara slings!

    Seqocrypta Jakara slings!

    Huge shoutout to @spidergirl94 for the trade with these for some Arbanitis! All 3 and going to grow into some spotty glass climbers
  15. Idiommata Sp. Silverback

    Idiommata Sp. Silverback

  16. Twilithium- Idiommata Sp. Silverback

    Twilithium- Idiommata Sp. Silverback

    She is cold as metal, black as midnight and and sparkles like the stars under light. It's nice to have a "trapdoor" (seriously, how is this NOT a tarantula??) that enjoys handling between enclosure transfers
  17. Idiommata Sp Silverback MM

    Idiommata Sp Silverback MM

    Has completely burried the water dish, I have no idea where it is now
  18. I don't encourage this but it is awesome

    I don't encourage this but it is awesome

    Idiommata silverback female, freshly molted. she ran straight onto my hand and up my arm. These are basically an Australian substitute for a new world tarantula
  19. Idiommata Sp silverback MM startled

    Idiommata Sp silverback MM startled

    Big silverback male shocked at the sight of a cricket
  20. Unknown Idiommata silverback MM

    Unknown Idiommata silverback MM

    So I lost my H.Macquariesis male before breeding him so the seller said he had lots on his property and he'd get me another one. Instead? I get something massively unexpected and awesome that I can still breed!