1. Avicularia avicularia M6 (metallica) Juvenile Suspect Male

    Avicularia avicularia M6 (metallica) Juvenile Suspect Male

    Local purchase in the hopes I can get a male who will mature next spring or summer. Still trying to get an egg sac from my girl. Looks like this tyke is a boy from his last moult exuvia.
  2. A. avicularia 2.5 inches

    A. avicularia 2.5 inches

    A. avicularia 2.5 inches
  3. 0.1 Avicularia variegata

    0.1 Avicularia variegata

    Nebula rocking her new suit.
  4. Avicularia avicularia 4"

    Avicularia avicularia 4"

    Male or female? Thanks!
  5. A. avicularia

    A. avicularia

  6. Pic 1

    Pic 1

    Does this set up look okay for an A. Metallica? I've had one in here for about a month and a half. I'm thinking she may be in pre molt, but she has not webbed.
  7. Avicularia avicularia

    Avicularia avicularia

    Do i see poop?
  8. Avicularia


    Freshly molted a avic 5.5 inches!!
  9. Avicularia rufa.

    Avicularia rufa.

  10. Inside the Hole

    Inside the Hole

    Inside the hole
  11. Avicularia Metallica

    Avicularia Metallica

    Close to 5inches according to my phone measuring, Avicularia Metallica is what I bought it as, but honestly it sits next to my A.avic and they look the same other then this one is much bulkier, but the other is a MM Anyone able to tell me its sex? I think it's male.
  12. Freshly Molted Avicularia avicularia

    Freshly Molted Avicularia avicularia

    Fresh molted spider (: a avic 5.5 inches
  13. Avicularia metallica

    Avicularia metallica

    He's checking out my BMX bike...
  14. Avicularia metallica

    Avicularia metallica

    One of my favorite T's.
  15. Avic Maybe

    Avic Maybe

    Pretty sure it's A. metallica
  16. Avic sling No.2

    Avic sling No.2

    Acquired via Cold Blood :)
  17. Avic Sling No.1

    Avic Sling No.1

    Acquired via Cold Blood :)
  18. Pink toe?

    Pink toe?

    Was found in local pet shop labeled as pink toe tarantula, but doesn't look like other pink toe images I've seen online. Sorry for bad quality, I had to zoom in since it was on the back wall of enclosure and front glass was a little webbed up.
  19. Avicularia sp.

    Avicularia sp.

    Bought this girl as metallica(M6) but dont think it is. She is a freshly molted 5.5 Inch female, took this picture under natural sunlight. Any input is appreciated!
  20. Female pink toe (Avicularia)

    Female pink toe (Avicularia)

    Chowing down a tasty treat.