1. Sold as "Pink Toe Tarantula"

    Sold as "Pink Toe Tarantula"

    "Pink Toe" T. Species unknown
  2. 0.0.1 A. purpurea

    0.0.1 A. purpurea

    I rehoused this little guy about 6 weeks ago and he immediately got to work. He's built an entire system of web tunnels leading all over its enclosure, and this is the main entrance. ;)
  3. Avicularia avicularia [ventral sexing]

    Avicularia avicularia [ventral sexing]

    My avic avic I have no idea if this is sexable but I hope it is
  4. Avicularia avicularia

    Avicularia avicularia

    Avicularia avicularia
  5. Avicularia metallica

    Avicularia metallica

    A. Metallica
  6. Avicularia variegata?

    Avicularia variegata?

    Was given to me by a petstore that was closing. They said it’s Avicularia variegata, but it was also being kept terrestrially. Just wanted a second opinion.
  7. Avic.Avicularia. 10cms

    Avic.Avicularia. 10cms

    A.Avicularia. Roughly 10cms. Bought as juvie from pet store 2 months ago. No molts in my care.
  8. Avicularia avicularia [ventral sexing]

    Avicularia avicularia [ventral sexing]

    A. Avicularia. One of my newest additions. It looks female to me, but other angles (in person atleast) make me second guess. I haven't been able to get an intact enough molt from it yet. Wanting others opinions/ help with ventral sexing it.
  9. Sold as a Purple Pinktoe (Avicularia purpurea)

    Sold as a Purple Pinktoe (Avicularia purpurea)

    Sold as a purple pinktoe (avic pupurea) but have not seen any pics with red on abdomen...think it might be avic sp peru purple?
  10. Sold as Avicularia avicularia

    Sold as Avicularia avicularia

    So I was sold this and told it was a A. Avicularia but its colors don't seem right. And depending on the light it looks very very blue. Can anyone confirm this as a sp. Santa Mission Moonlight? Its seems to match all the pics I've seen but not much data is out there for that sp. name?
  11. Poop Cannon (♀ Avicularia avicularia 5")

    Poop Cannon (♀ Avicularia avicularia 5")

    Skyler, who is in pre-molt, tears a small hole in her webbing and sticks her butt out to poop.
  12. Reluctant Hunter (Avicularia avicularia 1")

    Reluctant Hunter (Avicularia avicularia 1")

    Avics are stubborn.
  13. 1.0 Avicularia avicularia M6

    1.0 Avicularia avicularia M6

    Nightcrawler stuffing his face.
  14. Avicularia Avicularia [molt sexing]

    Avicularia Avicularia [molt sexing]

    can anyone tell the sex of my pink toe based off this pic?? i took his molt into where i got him from and they said he was a girl
  15. Avicularia purpurea sling

    Avicularia purpurea sling

  16. Avicularia sp.British Guayana

    Avicularia sp.British Guayana

  17. Avicularia (ex metallica)

    Avicularia (ex metallica)

  18. Avicularia molt, unsure of sex

    Avicularia molt, unsure of sex

    This is my avicularia sp. that I’ve had for a bit over 2 months now. The T just molted for the first time and I’m not sure how exactly to go about sexing properly. I’ve done research into the subject but I’m just too new at this to be able to tell, anyone have any opinions? Thank you!