avicularia versicolor

  1. Caribena versicolor [ventral sexing] [1/3]

    Caribena versicolor [ventral sexing] [1/3]

    The molts are always destroyed with this one
  2. Baby bloob

    Baby bloob

    I’m excited to have versi slings again, the offspring of my first tarantula.
  3. C. versicolor subadult male

    C. versicolor subadult male

    my (probably penultimate) male C. versi chilling on the wall of his enclosure. Pretty colorful dude.
  4. Caribena versicolor Feeding

    Caribena versicolor Feeding

    C. Versicolor munching crickets.
  5. Blueberry's First Feeding (Caribena versicolor 0.75")

    Blueberry's First Feeding (Caribena versicolor 0.75")

    I wasn't sure she would find the dubia nymph on her own, but she did.
  6. C.versicolor


    My c.versicolor is looking good!!
  7. My Very Own Blueberry (Caribena versicolor 0.75")

    My Very Own Blueberry (Caribena versicolor 0.75")

    This is the best picture I could get through the plastic; I didn't want to leave the container open to take pictures, because it's bolty.
  8. Caribena versicolor

    Caribena versicolor

  9. Caribena versicolor

    Caribena versicolor

  10. 0.1 C. versicolor

    0.1 C. versicolor

    Managed to pull out Mrs Blue Berry's moult today, spermathecae showing up nicely now at about 3 1/2". :)
  11. 3" Caribena versicolor [ventral sexing]

    3" Caribena versicolor [ventral sexing]

    C. Versicolor around 3" im thinking female.. Thoughts?
  12. C. versicolor juvenile

    C. versicolor juvenile

    Suspect female, approximately 2.5 inch leg span. Snapped right after getting into her new home. Raised her up from a tiny little 1/2inch blueberry. The color shift really started happening with this molt... looking forward to the rest of the transformation.
  13. Caribena versicolor Juvenile Female - 3"

    Caribena versicolor Juvenile Female - 3"

  14. Freshly fed

    Freshly fed

    Rehousing day. Fed this one a huge Goliath worm (caterpillar) early today. She is a beauty.
  15. Time to move

    Time to move

    I promised her it will be a better home but she stood her ground. She kept turning around to face off with the paint brush. Feisty one and deserves some respect. Just like I like them.
  16. Caribena versicolor

    Caribena versicolor

    First big escape...hopefully also the last one ;p
  17. 0.1 C. versicolor

    0.1 C. versicolor

    molt was almost 3”. Spider came out with lots of pink. almost full adult coloration. 60x magnification.
  18. Caribena versicolor.

    Caribena versicolor.

    Old pic of a beautiful girl.
  19. C. versicolor

    C. versicolor

    2.5" leg span. Any idea male or female?
  20. Caribena versicolor

    Caribena versicolor

    Better photo