armored trapdoor spider

  1. A peek inside the burrow

    A peek inside the burrow

    Trapdoor legs.
  2. Cataxia pulleinei

    Cataxia pulleinei

    SE QLD Locality.
  3. Arbanitis longipes

    Arbanitis longipes

    SE Queensland locality.
  4. Cataxia pulleinei

    Cataxia pulleinei

  5. Arbanitis longipes

    Arbanitis longipes

    Another new arrival. Arbanitis longipes, the "Longlegged" trapdoor.
  6. Cataxia (Homogona) sp.

    Cataxia (Homogona) sp.

    Problem child when rehoused.
  7. Cataxia sp. Black

    Cataxia sp. Black

    Still doesn't want to settle in yet. Definitely a pattern with Cataxia sp.
  8. Massive new Cataxia

    Massive new Cataxia

    Unsure of species but she's a whopper size with an attitude to match. This picture makes her look tiny, but she's probably my largest trapdoor now
  9. Homogona sp. rehoused

    Homogona sp. rehoused

    She has plenty of energy to spare
  10. Homogona sp.

    Homogona sp.

    She hasn't settled in well, presumably because she dislikes my substrate mixture. She has been moved onto straight cocopeat, which my 3 Cataxia sp. seem to thrive in
  11. Cataxia sp. juvi

    Cataxia sp. juvi

    Second photo of my Spiny Trapdoor juvenile in its new, MUCH larger enclosure
  12. Cataxia sp. juvi

    Cataxia sp. juvi

    Has been desperately in need of a rehouse for a while, and had an MM unfortunately pass so there was a new free enclosure that was just the right size for this little one
  13. Cataxia sp. sling

    Cataxia sp. sling

    Well, more of a juvenile at this stage. Only 2 out of my original 5 slings are still alive, but both doing very well
  14. Arbanitis sp.#2

    Arbanitis sp.#2

    Dark coloured Arbanitis Longipes with no pattern and not much metallic hair.
  15. Another wild trapdoor burrow

    Another wild trapdoor burrow

    Likely A.Longipes
  16. A.Longipes


    Very strong metallic sheen as typical in this species
  17. Arbanitis Longipes inside tube

    Arbanitis Longipes inside tube

    She peek
  18. Arbanitis Longipes

    Arbanitis Longipes

    This little female has extended her above ground tube at least another 20mm
  19. A.Longipes juvi

    A.Longipes juvi

    One last handle will rehousing it to it's larger forest floor setup
  20. Arbanitis Longipes

    Arbanitis Longipes

    Mt. Tambourine variant. Completely gold carapace