1. Freshly Molted and Polished

    Freshly Molted and Polished

    Most of the Trapdoors in Australia have strong metallic sheens like this A.Longipes. I love how gold they look after a molt
  2. Minefield in a box

    Minefield in a box

    Arbanitis Longipes slings have emerged and been rehoused into a new tub. Come feeding time the ground errupts with slings trying to catch food.
  3. This is why I love Arbanitis sp.

    This is why I love Arbanitis sp.

    Beautiful irridescent bronze head and golden legs. Also harmless. Never refuse food but never show aggression when swapping containers. Just wish they'd make lids on their burrows. I'm so glad I saved these guys before all their holes got covered by concrete
  4. Rescued Misgolas Rapax/Arbanitis Longipes

    Rescued Misgolas Rapax/Arbanitis Longipes

    Found her limply making silk 15cm away from her burrow, she drank a heap of water and kinda perked up. Missing a leg I suspect due to landscapers doing work where I got her. Originally there 160 holes on the jobsite, a week later there were 43. Now there's just 3. :(
  5. Arbanitis sp. in the wild

    Arbanitis sp. in the wild

    Arbanitis sp. wild burrow