1. The first successful eggsack!

    The first successful eggsack!

    From my Arbanitis sp trapdoor breeding project
  2. Counter-shading on Trapdoors?

    Counter-shading on Trapdoors?

    I noticed with my biggest Arbanitis sp. specimen, the gold shine is only visible from the front, not any angle viewed from the rear of the spider or above. Maybe this is to make it harder to see it when foraging but to confuse predators when it goes into threat stance with flashy, golden hues
  3. My Arbanitis trapdoors have layed eggs!

    My Arbanitis trapdoors have layed eggs!

    A bit hard to see, the wet things are freshly layed eggs from my Arbanitis sp the I paired 5 months back!
  4. Arbanitis sp. female threat posture

    Arbanitis sp. female threat posture

    Showing that typical Idiopidae aggression
  5. success!

  6. The Show Must Go On

    The Show Must Go On

    Arbanitis Trapdoors still powering on despite having nearly 5" of compacted sand shoved down their burrows. There's about 11 visible in this photo, can you find them all?
  7. Arbanitis sp. Female

    Arbanitis sp. Female

    Arbanitis trapdoor about 1 week before estimated egg sack drop. Everyone must be sick of seeing me post these by now XD but thought it was a cool photo
  8. Baby prep

    Baby prep

    Arbanitis female has decided to lay her egg sack outside her burrow which makes things 1,000,000x easier for me
  9. The Lucky 13

    The Lucky 13

    I'll make a thread relating from start to end how I ended up with these, but they are the survivors of habitat destruction from industrial development. Arbanitis sp. trapdoors
  10. Crunch Crunch Munch

    Crunch Crunch Munch

    "this ain't fish and chips but I'll still take it" Arbanitis sp., getting identified at Australian Museum next week
  11. Too late, sorry mate

    Too late, sorry mate

    My second male trapdoor finally emerged, but he's too late as I have already bred all my other females. Im hoping he can assist me to lure out an relocate a few wild females
  12. More breeding success

    More breeding success

    Last pair of Arbanitis sp. Trapdoors bred, I have an extra male that has been underground and was saving this female for him but he has waited too long and this male hasn't got much longer left. Nice job buddy
  13. Burrow locations

    Burrow locations

    The quality dropped quite a bit so it was probably hard to see them all. There's actually about 30 in this photo but most of their burrows are sealed off during the winter and only 10 were open. Originally the colony was roughly 200+ strong but after landscapers destroyed most of them there are 45
  14. Can you spot all 10 burrows?

    Can you spot all 10 burrows?

    A section of a wild Arbanitis sp. Trapdoor colony. I will upload another one showing the location off all 10. Let me know how y'all go
  15. Dont Sneak Up on Me

    Dont Sneak Up on Me

    When you accidentally scare your spider and it feints and falls backwards from shock (M.Rapax, possibly Villosus)
  16. My cricket!

    My cricket!

    M.Rapax female not happy about the intrusion during dinner time
  17. Final breeding #3 success too!

    Final breeding #3 success too!

    Final time for tonight as my other females currently have their burrows sealed. Very successful afternoon and alot of material to contribute to science
  18. Breeding #2 success!

    Breeding #2 success!

    Second female, went very smoothly with no aggression at all. 3 females left to go.
  19. Trapdoors breeding success!

    Trapdoors breeding success!

    Even though they normally breed in the warmer months this went absolutely smoothly during mid-winter. first ever spider breeding. Sp. is now confirmed M.Rapax
  20. Finally got a male

    Finally got a male

    I thought all my A.Longipes were females but surprise surprise one molted today and I got a male. Now I can start my breeding project.