1. Minefield in a container

    Minefield in a container

    This picture explains itself. Arbanitis sp trapdoors
  2. Proud Mother of 76

    Proud Mother of 76

    Arbanitis sp trapdoor has been seperated from her slings and I got a chance to see her for the first time in ages
  3. Same genus, different locales

    Same genus, different locales

    2 different Arbanitis trapdoors, both unidentified. The brown one is from where I live and the black one is from more of a rainforesty area about 70 minutes away. The black one is extremely aggressive and most attempts at opening the lid for feeding result in an instant threat posture
  4. Trapdoor eggsac

    Trapdoor eggsac

    Arbanitis sp. eggsac above ground
  5. Arbanitis sp. feeding

    Arbanitis sp. feeding

    Thursday night feeding gif! Thought I'd make this a regular event
  6. Fabulous Threat Posture front view

    Fabulous Threat Posture front view

    Look at them poking needles! Arbanitis sp. Black
  7. Fabulous Threat Posture

    Fabulous Threat Posture

    Arbanitis sp. Black showing off her gold. I tried getting a photo comparison of my other brown ones but she didn't want to be apart of it
  8. Trapdoor Roundabout

    Trapdoor Roundabout

    I have tried many times to give her a burrow, and pull out sub from the top to give her leg room, but in half an hour's time it will be back to looking like this. She is normally golden but has counter shading on her head that makes her look black. Arbanitis sp.
  9. Arbanitis sp. Black

    Arbanitis sp. Black

    That's my nickname for this jet black species. Unfortunately there is no data on what species from this genus are found where, other than what States they are found in
  10. Another unID'd Arbanitis sp.

    Another unID'd Arbanitis sp.

    This one is mostly black which is unusual for this genus. The legs have prominent orange-red stripes and and head is uniformly gold
  11. Lazy Golden Tube Spider male

    Lazy Golden Tube Spider male

    I have left them in for 10 hours so far and all Ive seen from him was some preparation grooming, I ended up going to bed and am hoping some magic happened while the lights were out
  12. Golden Tube Spider male

    Golden Tube Spider male

    Recieved a male for my tube spider female, hoping the pair will be successful
  13. Just another Arbanitis trapdoor

    Just another Arbanitis trapdoor

    Decided to unearth her because I have not seen any activity in 6 months, no repair work to burrow lining, no food taken or anything. Glad to report she is doing well. Size is 3cm DLS
  14. The first SUCCESSFULLY hatching eggsack from my trapdoors

    The first SUCCESSFULLY hatching eggsack from my trapdoors

    2 more eggsacks layed and today one of them finally opened to reveal a hundred of these adorable little blobs. Arbanitis sp.
  15. New year calls for a new spider pic

    New year calls for a new spider pic

    Well it just turned 2019 Down Under and Golden Tube Spider has ventured outside to mark the occasion
  16. The kind of tube I WAS hoping for

    The kind of tube I WAS hoping for

    Golden Tube Spider has finally done its job. Not quite the 20cm tubes found in the wild but this is more than adequate for me. This Arbanitis sp. takes noteably longer to settle in than my other ones
  17. Not really the kind of tube I was hoping for...

    Not really the kind of tube I was hoping for...

    Golden Tube Spider has taken advantage of the spagnum moss pile instead of building it's own proper one. At least she has settled in
  18. Golden Tube Spider (presumed female)

    Golden Tube Spider (presumed female)

    These are so rare I'm darn well hoping for a female it will be a pain to find another one. The webbing of their inner burrow is 4mm thick and feels like a PVC pipe due to how strong it is
  19. Golden Tube Spider setup

    Golden Tube Spider setup

    Luckily Ive had a schematic in mind for these long before today. Top left has a hollow half-pipe bark if it wants to utilise that instead of making a tube, top right has a plant stem mimic to build a proper tube against and bottom right bark piece easily allows water to be added from the bottom
  20. Golden Tube Spider (Arbanitis sp.)

    Golden Tube Spider (Arbanitis sp.)

    Finally a new addition from this genus. These guys are completely unlike any other Arbanitis spider in that they build 30cm tubes up the sides of plant stems. Will be interesting to house this one