1. Shiny feeding

    Shiny feeding

    Arbanitis sp. Gold
  2. Arbanitis sp. Black

    Arbanitis sp. Black

    The aggressive one
  3. Arbanitis sp. Gold

    Arbanitis sp. Gold

    She was a little too attached the her old molt. It was both come out or nothing at all. Luckily the escapee was dealt with
  4. Feeding GIF

    Feeding GIF

    She attac. Arbanitis sp.
  5. Arbanitis sp.

    Arbanitis sp.

    A different species to A Longipes and absolutely massive. She is super docile and didn't mind one last handling session before introduction to her new rainforest hill setup
  6. A.Longipes juvi

    A.Longipes juvi

    One last handle will rehousing it to it's larger forest floor setup
  7. Arbanitis sp.

    Arbanitis sp.

    Presumed Longipes in heavy premolt but doesn't have the characteristic tan hairs on the carapace. She is a monster and the picture doesn't do her size justice. In another few weeks she should molt and be huge
  8. Arbanitis Longipes

    Arbanitis Longipes

    Mt. Tambourine variant. Completely gold carapace
  9. Arbanitis sp. gold

    Arbanitis sp. gold

    Yet another of mine has layed an eggsack, meaning all 8 have successfully paired and I can release even more back into the wild
  10. Arbanitis Sp Trapdoor

    Arbanitis Sp Trapdoor

    The teeny tiniest slings ever! Suuuuper adorable little things. Can’t wait for them to grow big and have shiny carapaces. Thanks so much @RezonantVoid!
  11. Arbanitis sp. Wooli

    Arbanitis sp. Wooli

    Coastal Red Legged trapdoor. Never thought I'd ever find primitives 20m from the shore line but here were 700 or so
  12. Trapdoor colony

    Trapdoor colony

    Colony of about 700 wild Arbanitis sp. 10 points to whoever guess the environment they were found in. Looks can be deceiving, so think outside th box
  13. The floor is a minefield of trapdoor burrows challenge

    The floor is a minefield of trapdoor burrows challenge

    Arbanitis sp. How long could you survive?
  14. Arbanitis sp. 1(Trapdoor)

    Arbanitis sp. 1(Trapdoor)

    Arbanitis Longipes, showing heaps of gold hair. This girl was chrome coloured as a juvie
  15. Shiny Girl

    Shiny Girl

    The first ever Arbanitis sp. trapdoor I caught last year, and the very specimen responsible for getting me into the hobby. Provided this is a short-distance endemic species, she could be one of only a few adults of the species left. Thank goodness for her cooperation with breeding. Freshly molted.
  16. More trappie slings

    More trappie slings

    The last sac from my Arbanitis sp. hatched a few months back. Here they are in a very rare photo all bundled around the mother
  17. Golden Tube Spider MM

    Golden Tube Spider MM

    I am absolutely kicking myself for this. Waited a few hours after I received him to pair with my female, and unfortunately he has passed.
  18. Arbanitis trapdoor burrow from the side

    Arbanitis trapdoor burrow from the side

    Including the eggsac chamber with some sling molts under the sac remains. Seperating them from the mother today, got a bunch of EWLs in one container and another 85 ready for seperating in a few weeks time
  19. Life with 80 siblings is tough

    Life with 80 siblings is tough

    Note the missing right pedipalp
  20. Mother and slings

    Mother and slings

    Arbanitis sp.